Air-Cooled Portable Water Chillers 25-40 Ton Cold Shot Chillers

25, 30 and 40 Ton

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Symbol Cold Shot Chillers
Profile: Manufacturer, Distributor
Headquarters: US
Business area: US
Establishment date: 1980
Assortment: Air cooled chillers, Water cooled chillers, Used chillers
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Air-Cooled Portable Water Chillers 25-40 Ton Cold Shot Chillers


  • Carrier Semi-Hermetic Reciprocating Compressors with Electrical Multi-Stage Unloading Down to 33%
  • Stainless Steel/Copper Braze Plate
  • External Brass Service Valves
  • Large Copper Condensing Coil with Aluminum Fins
  • Powder Coated, Heavy Guage Steel Cabinet
  • Rugged Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pumps with Safety Fuses
  • Oversized Magnetic Contactors
  • Polyethelene Tank


  • Long Life - Dependable - Economical to Operate
  • Compact Efficiency
  • Easy Maintenance and Repair
  • Rugged Protection while allowing for easy maintenance and wash down
  • High Flow - Long Life - Dependable
  • Rugged Dependability - Long Life
  • Lifetime Warranty

Three Stage Electronic temperature controller with LED readout.

Semi-Hermetic Reciprocating compressors, sight glass/moisture indicators, balanced port expansion valves, filter driers, pump down valves, stainless steel/copper brazed plate evaporators, fan cycling head pressure controls.

Rugged stainless steel centrifugal pumps, bronze "Y" strainer with 20 mesh stainless steel screen, insulated polyethelene reservoir.

High/low pressure safety, oil pressure, internal overloads, thermal overloads or safety fuses for pumps and fan motors, low water flow safety with manual reset.

Process fluid:42°F to 70°F for standard units (20° to 70°F for low temp units)
Ambient air: 40°F to 115° for standard units (0° to 115°F for outdoor units with low ambient modifications)

Galvanized steel frame, powder coated carbon steel cabinet.

One Year Parts; Five Year Compressor

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