Air-Cooled Water Chiller APS Series Petra

Air-Cooled Water Chiller with Semi-Hermetic Screw Compressors APS Series

Quality design and construction are what makes Petra's APS units your preferred choice. The APS units have a quiet, low-vibration design featuring screw compressors to reduce sound levels. Efficiency levels of APS units exceed average industry standards for both full and part load operation, thus saving on operating costs through lower electricity consumption. The APS controls are fully automated, providing precise temperature control.

Petra Engineering Industries
Profile: Manufacturer
Headquarters: JO
Establishment date: 1987
Business area: Global
Assortment: HVAC equipment
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• Wide Range of Capacities:

APSa - R134a from 44 T.R. to 525 T.R. @ 50 Hz - 50 T.R. to 600 T.R. @ 60 Hz
APSc - R407c from 45 T.R. to 424 T.R. @ 50 Hz - 52 T.R. to 477 T.R. @ 60 Hz

• Quiet operation with optimal performance

• Compact design

• Easy installation and maintenance


• Semi-hermetic screw type compressor

• Microprocessor controller

• Shell and tube evaporator

• V-type condenser coils

• Available with Aluminum, Polyurethane Pre-coated, Copper and Post Coated Coils

• Easily accessible IP 55 electrical panel

• Direct drive axial condenser fans

• Exposed insulated refrigeration lines covered with special protective wrapping for long lasting resistance

• Unit Casing is fabricated from heavy gauge galvanized steel with oven baked polyester electro-static powder paint

• Equipped with complete line of accessories for safe operation and control

• Options include heat reclaim heat exchangers, heat pump chillers, brine chillers, compressor part winding, coils protective coating, compressor
   noise compartment, pressure gauges, etc.

• Low noise and Ultra Low Noise Models

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