Axial roof exhaust fan REF-550 GMC AIR

Axial type roof exhaust fan

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Symbol GMC AIR Hvac Equipment
Profile: Manufacturer
Headquarters: US
Business area: Global
Establishment date: 2004
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Axial roof exhaust fan REF-550

  • Axial roof extract fans.
  • Different types to be used for exhaust and supply air purposes.
  • Range of 11 impeller diameters from 200 up to 800 mm.
  • Air displacement of up to 24.000 m³/h.
  • Available with nominal speeds of 1000, 1500 or 3000 rpm.
  • Suitable for single-phase 230V, 50Hz or threephases 400V, 50Hz connections.
  • Designed to give hirh air flow values at a max. efficiency and min. noise level.
  • Has different types to be used for exhaust and supply purposes.
  • Housing is made of glass fibre reinforced polyester, guaranteeing long life and light weighted body for the fan.
  • Has a low profile on the roof, giving an esthetic loof for the roof.
  • Fitted with inflow and outflow edges and a square mounting base made of light grey (RAL 7001) polyester for types 200 and 250 and of sendzimir sheet steel for types 300 to 800.
  • Covered by a light grey (RAL 7001) polyester rain cover.
  • The exhaust side of the exhaust version has a protective screen.
  • Designed for maximum air displacement with minimum noise production and power consumption.
  • Diameters 200 and 250 have a 5 vane impeller made from coated sendzimir sheet steel.
  • Diameters 300 to 550 have a 4 vane impeller with an aluminium hub and stainless steel vanes.
  • Diameters 630 to 800 have a 6 or 10 vane impeller with an aluminium hub and high quality synthetic vanes.
  • Short-circuited armature motor with maintenance-free bearings and external cooling.
  • Motor casing of injection-moulded aluminium.
  • Insulation class B. Protection class IP 54 (splash proof), diameter 200-250 IP 44.
  • Standard permissible ambient temperature for all motors is -30°C to +40°C.
  • Motor and impeller are fully geared to one
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