Brewery glycol chillers American BCK Series American Chillers

Brewery chillers used in the fermentation and pull down (cold crashing) process typically circulate 28°F degree glycol for 33°F degree beer. Brewery chillers run at temperatures below 32°F (freezing) and thus require propylene glycol (food grade HVAC type anti-freeze)

American Chillers
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Brewery glycol chillers American BCK Series

1 HP to 80 HP

Packaged Brewery Chiller with tank and pump all in one package

    • Popular with brewers because of its all-in-one design
    • Offers a simplified installation
    • Set the chiller, run wires, connect the fluid supply and return lines, fill with water/glycol and start-up

Modular Brewery Chillers with tank and pump(s) ship separate. Ideal for growing breweries

    • Allows a brewery with rapid growth plans to add chiller modules as the brewery grows, without replacing the chiller
    • Matching present needs without over sizing – saves on budget and electricity
    • When the roof can’t support the weight of the glycol tank and pump(s)
    • When chiller is located a long distance from brew tanks
    • Can be added to an existing system as a booster chiller
    • Our sales engineers can help select components that work best for each brewery

Split Brewery Chillers keep the hot condenser air outdoors and all fluid components indoors. The indoor and outdoor units are connected with refrigeration line sets

  • Multiple circuits are available in single phase power for sizes above 5 tons when 3 phase power not available

American Brewery Chillers are engineered with premium refrigeration components, similar to the critical systems required to run supermarket refrigerators and freezers. We use Copeland Scroll Compressors (in most sizes) which are superior to hermetic compressors (used by many competitors) in reliability and efficiency and comes with a 5 year warranty.

Each American Chiller ships with a chiller remote control panel for indoor installation so the brew master can easily control the chiller.

Standard Features

  • Heavy duty welded, steel frame with powder coat finish and laminated brushed aluminum cabinet
  • U.L. Listed, and EPA Compliant, eco-friendly R404a refrigeration condensing unit (“green” refrigerants are available)
  • Single refrigeration circuit with Copeland scroll compressor(s) with crankcase heater(s)
  • Refrigerant receiver and suction side accumulator to eliminate refrigerant slugging in compressor
  • Air cooled, horizontal discharge, oversized condensers with flooded head pressure controls for low ambient operation to -20F˚
  • Weather proof electrical panel with single point power connection
  • 24 vac control circuit with component sequenced terminal strip for easy troubleshooting
  • Remote control panel for indoor installation provides lighted on/off switches and digital thermostat
  • UL stainless steel brazed plate evaporator insulated against condensation with 3/4″ closed cell insulation
  • Auto reset low pressure safety; manual reset high pressure safety
  • Externally equalized thermal expansion valve, liquid line filter drier, and sight glass
  • Low water flow compressor interlock safety locks out compressors in low flow condition
  • Non-ferrous water lines with FPT connections insulated with 3/4” closed cell insulation
  • High density, polyethylene reservoir insulated with closed cell insulation
  • High head centrifugal process pump rated at 40 psi at 2.5 GPM/ton
  • Internal bypass valve for temperature stability and to prevent pump dead heading
  • Systems leak checked, pressure tested, run tested under load and shipped operation ready
  • Brass wye strainer included (ships loose)
  • Warranty: one (1) year limited parts, five (5) years limited compressor warranty
  • Ships fully crated to minimize damage risk during shipping

Available Options

  • Condenser coil coating for corrosion protection in salt air environments
  • Dual, scroll compressor sets
  • Dual refrigeration circuits
  • Redundant chiller options
  • EC fan motors
  • Cabinet mounted fluid pressure and temperature gauges and refrigeration pressure gauge
  • Inhibited propylene glycol concentrate in 55 gallon drums or 5 gallon carboys
  • Magnum microprocessor controller for building automation control & full chiller analytics
  • Dual pumps with lead/lag control
  • Castors for portability (sizes 1 HP to 5 HP)
  • R448, R407c, R404a, R410a refrigerant
  • Custom options and configurations available



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