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ROBUR Corporation was founded in 1991 by the ROBUR Group, a leading Italian Manufacturer of advanced heating and cooling technologies sold throughout Europe since 1956.

This bold step insured ROBUR of future growth opportunities along with a distribution channel for its European products throughout the North American market.

At our facility located in Evansville, Indiana, ROBUR Corporation manufacturers and distributes high energy efficient and low environmental impact natural gas operated heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

In addition to being the North American Service Center for all ROBUR products, the Evansville location also services the spare parts needs of Servel and Arkla chillers.

The key elements of Robur's success:

  • Innovation drives research and development of high-efficiency cooling and heating products and provides value-added services to satisfy customers, the real employers of Robur;
  • the Value of Human Resources involves and motivates every internal and external player;
  • Social Responsibility and the Industrial Vocation develop and realize safe, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient products.

These values have been consolidated and shared in a clear message to the company, business partners and the market: at the Robur Company Convention in August 1998 they found expression in the Robur Vision and Mission, which serve today as guidelines for strategic company choices.

"Robur is dedicated to dynamic progression in research, development and promotion of safe, environmentally-friendly, and energy-efficient products, through the commitment and caring of its employees and partners."

The President and Senior Management of Robur have defined the Company's Vision in the following terms:

"Robur turns the love for Beauty and well-made things into innovative heating and cooling systems that are especially designed and developed to answer the specific needs of Man"

This choice wants to value more and more the relationship with the Customer and the Market. The Company Vision becomes public through commercial documentations as commitment of the Company towards Customer and Society.

The right choice can make the difference

A responsible purchase behaviour may have a great influence on our way of life.

Consider that a product consumes tons of oil during its whole life cycle, generating pollution that the forest cannot rebalance. That's why, when choosing a good, we take a great responsibility. Even the choice for the heating system may have a big impact.

To all who choose responsibly, Robur offers high efficiency heating systems with low environmental impact, and moreover concepts, data and facts to spread the culture of energy efficiency and environmental protection.

Benito Guerra - Robur S.p.A. Chairman


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