• Dehumidifier Recusorb RL-60R/LR DST
  • Dehumidifier Recusorb RL-60R/LR DST
  • Dehumidifier Recusorb RL-60R/LR DST
  • Dehumidifier Recusorb RL-60R/LR DST
  • Dehumidifier Recusorb RL-60R/LR DST
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Dehumidifier Recusorb RL-60R/LR DST


RL-60 is an energy-efficient unit thanks to the built-in heat recovery and it delivers equally high performance regardless of the climate.

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Symbol DST America
Profile: Manufacturer
Headquarters: US
Business area: Worldwide
Establishment date: 1985
Assortment: Dehumidifiers
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Product descritipion



The compact design of an RL-60 results in a small footprint. The RL-units have good service access for replacing filters, seals and other key internal components. The standard filters are class G4, F 7 filters available as an option.


All RL-units are fitted with the D-MAX rotor, the new generation of high quality silica gel rotors from Seibu Giken Co.

RL-60 is optional with:
  • Frequency inverter to control airflows
  • Linear capacity control
  • Panel mounted humidity / dew point controller
  • F7 filter-option
  • Insulated inlets to help prevent condensation

Dehumidifier Dehumidifier Recusorb RL-60R/LR:

  • Excellent performance in all climates
  • Built-in heat recovery
  • Stainless steel chassis and panels
  • Highly efficient D-MAX rotor
Dehumidifier Recusorb RL-60R/LR DST - 1Recusorb R operates using integrated heat recycling. During the rotor’s regeneration (green), heat is absorbed, and then recycled in the “purge zone”, where incoming air is pre-heated and partly dehumidified. Energy consumption falls and the dry air becomes both drier and cooler compared to other sorption dehumidifiers.

Section of a dehumidifier rotor from Seibu Giken. The high number of channels means that moisture is adsorbed with extra efficiency.

Dehumidifier Recusorb RL-60R/LR technical data:

Dehumidifier model RL-60 RL-60L
Nominal capacity (lbs/h) 8.8 11
Dry air flow (CFM) 500 590
Static pressure at disposal (in w.c) 1.2 0.4
Wet air flow (CFM) 110 150
Static pressure at disposal (in w.c) 1.0 0.8
Heater power (kW) 5.4 7.5
Total power (kW) 6.1 8.4
Full load current 3 x 480V/60Hz (A) 7.9 10.2
Supply fuse 3 x 480V/60Hz (A) 10 16
Weight (lbs) 150 150


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