DIRECT-VENT furnaces Williams

Compact, space-saving furnaces featuring simple, low-cost installation. Attractive and economical, Direct-Vent furnaces are a popular choice for heating the home. 14,000, 22,000 and 30,000 Btu/hr. sizes.

Profile: Manufacturer, Designer
Headquarters: US
Establishment date: 1916
Business area: US
Assortment: Heating, Fan coils, Air handlers, Air curtains, Dehumidifiers
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Product descritipion

DIRECT-VENT furnaces

Direct-Vent Gravity

These models require no electricity and are great during power outages. Thermostat may be wall- or cabinet-mounted.

Design Features

  • No electricity required
  • “Matchless” pilot igniter
  • Easy installation – all vent material included
  • All vent caps include built-in “Bird Guard”
  • Long-life, ceramic-coated combustion chamber (22,000 and 30,000 Btu/hr. models)
  • Automatic temperature and safety controls
  • Sealed combustion chamber requires no room air
  • Attractive, durable, soft-white, scratch-resistant finish blend with any décor
  • Natural and propane gas models (conversion kits available)
  • Thermostat included, may be wall- or cabinet-mounted

DIRECT-VENT furnaces Williams - 1Features

“Matchless" Pilot Igniter
All models include a “matchless” pilot igniter. Assures convenient pilot lighting without matches. 

Automatic Thermostat- Included with all models
No electricity required. All models are equipped with a self-generating millivolt thermostat that may be wall- or cabinet-mounted. 

Contemporary Finish
Soft-white, powder-coated high-heat-resistant finish to complement any décor. 

“Bird Guard”
All vent caps include built-in “Bird Guard." 

Dimensions and Clearances
2" from intersecting wall. 
24" from top of appliance to ceiling or other obstructions for 14,000 Btu/hr. models. 
30" from top of appliance to ceiling or other obstructions for 22,000 and 30,000 Btu/hr. models.

 DIRECT-VENT furnaces Williams - 2

Direct-Vent Safety
For clean, comfortable heat when and where you want it. The gas flame is completely sealed inside, away from all contact with room air. Air necessary for combustion is drawn into the chamber from outside through the vent and combustion products are vented directly to the outside. Only clean, gentle heat, in continuous circulation is delivered into the room. Windows and doors stay closed because no room air is used for combustion.

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