Donn Fineline diffusers Carnes

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Symbol Carnes
Profile: Manufacturer
Headquarters: US
Certificates: AHRI
Business area: U. S.
Establishment date: 1939
Assortment: Vents, Fans, Louvers, Penthouses, Registers, Grilles, Diffusers, Humidifiers, Energy Recovery, VAV Terminals
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Donn Fineline diffusers Carnes

Carnes  steel  (SK)  and  aluminum  (SE)  louvered  face  diffusers  are among the most versatile ceiling diffusers on the market. They provide excellent performance in low flow VAV situation and their dump-resistant performance makes them well suited for cold air applications. They are available in a wide range of sizes and blow patterns, fit a variety of ducts  and  come  in  frame  styles  to  fit  most  ceiling  systems  on  the   market. The customer has a choice of materials, and can choose from fixed horizontal or adjustable discharge models.

Standard Features:
Excellent  VAV  device.  Maintains  a  horizontal  air  pattern  down  to  10%  of  nominal  CFM.  (Nominal  CFM  is  the  flow  at  which  the  NC level is 35.)
Excellent  cold  air  device.  Resists  dumping  down  to  very  low  CFM’s.
Choice of steel (SK) or aluminum (SE) roll-form construction.
Available with square or rectangular neck.
Steel  (SK)  is  available  in  neck  sizes  from  6”  to  48”  in  3-inch increments.
Aluminum  (SE)  is  available  in  neck  sizes  from  6”  to  24”  in  3-inch increments.
8  different  mounting  frames  make  this  compatible  with  most  ceiling systems.
Available  in  all  blow  patterns  (1-way,  2-way  opposite,  2-way corner, 3-way & 4-way).
The  inner  assemblies  interchange  in  all  frames  of  the  same  size.  The  inner  assembly  is  spring  loaded  and  is  removed  by  pushing   the  inner  assembly  toward  the  spring  end.  No  tools  are  required, making installation and maintenance easy.
The  standard  finish  is  Carnes  No.  11  bright  white  electrocoat acrylic baked enamel. Many finish options are available.

Optional Features:
Round  neck  adapters  are  available  for  square  neck  models .
Foam  gaskets  can  be  mounted  around  the  frame  edge  for  added leak prevention.
Safety  chains  are  available  for  use  when  removing  the  core periodically.
Models   are   available   with   the   horizontal-to-vertical pattern adjustment option (Series J).

Steel  (SK).
Economical  and  durable.  The  model  is  made  using precision  manufacturing  techniques.  Our  advanced  tooling  and  manufacturing  methods provide  consistently  high  quality  products. With Carnes’ electrocoat technology it is highly corrosion-resistant.
Aluminum  (SE).  
Lightweight  and  impervious  to  salt  spray  and  high-moisture corrosion. Available in painted finishes only. Construction is of roll-formed and stamped parts, built identical to the steel model.

Fineline ®-Type (L)
Used  with  Donn® Fineline®,  Highline®, Armstrong  Trimlok®,  Chicago  Metallic Ultraline® and other compatible narrowtee suspended ceiling grids.

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