DoorFlow comfort air curtain Biddle Air Systems

Why choose DoorFlow?
- Comfortable and inviting
- Maintenance-friendly
- Trendy design
- Quick and simple installation

Biddle Air Systems
Profile: Manufacturer
Headquarters: CA
Certificates: CE (Conformité Européenne), ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015, TÜV Rheinland
Business area: Worldwide
Establishment date: 1957
Warranty: 5 years
Assortment: Air curtains, Air heaters
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Product descritipion

DoorFlow comfort air curtain

Comfortable and inviting
Shops and public buildings often have open doors for commercial reasons. The DoorFlow comfort air curtain model proves that it is possible to keep your shop door open whilst maintaining a comfortable indoor climate.  By installing a DoorFlow over the open door, you are saving vast amounts of energy as well as preventing draughts. 

The DoorFlow model is easily maintenance. As the device has no filters, you will not have to devote any time to cleaning and replacing them.


Room temperature control

The correct room temperature sets automatically or may be adjusted manually to 100% or 50% of the capacity

Air side control

3 settings:
- low
- medium
- high

Other possibilities

- timer
- door contact switch
- building management system

Maintenance-friendly air curtain

Energy-efficient and comfortable
Outside doors of shops and public buildings are often left open for commercial reasons. An open door arouses curiosity and makes the building more accessible, which contributes to the customer-friendly approach. But when the door is open, incoming colder air will disturb the indoor climate. For customers as well as staff, draughts feel very unpleasant. Besides, precious warm air can freely escape to the outside.

The comfort air curtain, DoorFlow model, warms the cold air before it enters the building and prevents the escape of warm air through the open door. Installing the DoorFlow above the door means increased energy efficiency and the prevention of draught problems. The DoorFlow proves that an open door and a comfortable indoor climate can coexist perfectly well.

Low maintenance
The comfort air curtain, DoorFlow model, is extremely easy to maintain. Cleaning and replacing filters is a thing of the past, because the DoorFlow has no filters.

Stylish design
The DoorFlow is an asset to any interior, because of its stylish look. The recessed and cassette model can be integrated discreetly into a suspended ceiling. The unit is finished as standard in neutral colours. By installing multiple units next to each other in one line, the attractive design is further emphasized.
Fast and easy to install
The DoorFlow air curtain is installed by means of threaded rods and is delivered as standard ready to plug in, including a built-in three-way valve. This makes the unit easy to install. Low voltage cables connect the control panel “plug and play” to the unit. It is also possible to interlink different units in this way.

Multiple heating sources
The DoorFlow air curtain comes with either a water or electrical coil. An ambient model (without heating coil) is also available. This model is ideal with high outside temperatures or in other specific situations, such as cooled spaces.
The DoorFlow is suitable for door heights up to 3.0 m (120") for use above door openings in shops, supermarkets and public buildings.



Energy-efficient and comfortable
- Efficient climate separation
- Stable and comfortable indoor climate
- Automatic room temperature control
Fast and easy installation
- Delivered ready to plug in
- Maintenance-friendly; no filters
Stylish design
- White and sleek
And there's more...
- Low noise level
- Easy to operate
- Outstanding price-quality ratio


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