Heat pump GAHP-A ROBUR

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Symbol ROBUR
Profile: Manufacturer
Headquarters: IT
Business area: Global
Establishment date: 1956
Capital group: ROBUR Group
Employees: 200
Assortment: Heat pumps, Chillers, Boilers
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Product descritipion

Heat pump GAHP-A ROBUR


  • Ultra efficiency unit: efficiency over 129%, saving up to 40% in operational costs compared to best condensing boilers, recovering 38% of renewable energy from air.
  • Stable operation down to -20°F: efficiency over 100% even at –4 °F.
  • Complete flexibility and modularity to increase seasonal performance factor and total heating capacity.
  • The prevailing use of gas reduces the need of electric power by approximately 87% in comparison with electric compression units (0.9 electric kW for 123,500 BTU/h heating).
  • Suitable integration with condensing or standard boilers to increase the seasonal efficiency of the system.
  • Single Phase Power.
  • High Reliability due to few moving parts inside the unit.
  • Easy Maintenance, similar to gas fired boilers.
  • No Use of Harmful Refrigerants.
  • Outdoor Installation.
  • No Comfort Reduction during Defrosting Cycles: the unit supplies about 50% of the total heating capacity.


  • RESIDENTIAL new and replaced hydronic heating systems:
    • radiant floor;
    • cast iron radiators;
    • fan coil and air handlers;
    • year-round DHW production.
  • COMMERCIAL and LIGHT COMMERCIAL new and replaced hydronic heating systems:
    • fan coil and air handlers;
    • radiant floor.
  • INDUSTRIAL applications with high year-round energy demand.

Technical table

Nominal heating output 123,500 BTU/h
Heating efficiency 129%
Maximum outlet water temperature 140 °F
External air temperature maximum 113 °F
minimum -20 °F
Voltage 230 V - 60 Hz

Due to continuous product innovation and development, Robur reserves the right to change product specifications without prior notice.

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