Heat recovery unit URHE-CF Aermec

URHE-CF is a heat recovery unit with a refrigerating circuit with the possibility to install outdoors. The unit is high efficiency with recovery winter efficiency over 70%.

Profile: Manufacturer
Headquarters: IT
Employees: 650
Establishment date: 1960
Business area: US
Assortment: Splits, Chillers, Terminal units
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Product descritipion

High efficiency heat recovery unit with refrigerant circuit without an external unit. URHE CF Air flow from 588 to 1942 cfm

The units from the URHE_CF series represent the high efficiency solution to satisfy the temperature and humidity comfort and ventilation requirements in air conditioning systems that serve public spaces and the commercial sector, such as offices, bars, restaurants, etc. The URHE_CF units are particularly efficient machines in that they use a high efficiency cross flow plate heat exchanger of high capacity combined with a heat pump refrigerant circuit operating with refrigerant R410A. The use of a high capacity cross fl ow heat recovery unit permits a signifi cant reduction in the operating time of the refrigerant circuit throughout the year, thereby reducing to the minimum the electrical energy consumption. The small unit dimensions allow an easy installation even in false ceilings, allowing excellent accessibility for the maintenance of all the internal components. The numerous accessories available on request, for example the high efficiency compact filters, the hot water coil or the silencers, complete the functions of the machine which is usually combined to an air conditioning system.


• 4 sizes available in horizontal configuration for ground or ceiling void installation.

• Unit complete with temperature controller and ready for installation.


• Structure in aluminium profiles with glass fibre reinforced nylon corner pieces.

• Sandwich panel 1 in thick with galvanised steel for the internal surface, prepainted for the external surface with injected polyure-
thane insulation (density 2.62 lb/ft3).


• Cross flow plate heat exchanger in aluminium optimised to ensure high outputs.


• Class G4, 80% gravimetric efficiency according to EN 779, thickness 1.9 in located before the heat recovery both in the supply and return air flow.


• High pressure forward curved impeller directly coupled to the motor. The air flow is maintained constant by the use of an electronic controller.


• Heat pump with refrigerant R410A, complete with high efficiency low noise rotary or scroll compressors (depending on size), 4 way refrigerant cycle reversing valve, evaporator coil, condenser coil, liquid receiver, thermostatic expansion valve, liquid sight glass, filter drier, high pressure pressostat, low pressure pressostat, safety valve, bypass valve (for the smaller sizes).


• The unit is provided with an electrical panel complete with power and control section (including the control for the 3 way valve for the supplementary hot water coil and associated actuators), ensuring the control of all the refrigerant circuit functions. Included are: NTC return air temperature sensor, external air temperature sensor, dampers and actuators in the free-cooling version, pressure switch in the supply air filter. Supplied loose is a remote mounted control terminal for automatic control of the unit.


• Through the applied technology and the use of ozone friendly refrigerant R410A, the URCHE_CF series is environmentally friendly. R410A is a refrigerant with high thermodynamic efficiency and this allows, together with the use of scroll compressors, to reduce CO2 emissions.


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