INDAC₂ industrial air curtain Biddle Air Systems

Why choose IndAC2?
- Optimal climate separation
- Better logistics
- Comfortable working conditions
- Energy-saving climate solutions
- Automatic controls

Biddle Air Systems
Profile: Manufacturer
Headquarters: CA
Certificates: CE (Conformité Européenne), ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015, TÜV Rheinland
Business area: Worldwide
Establishment date: 1957
Warranty: 5 years
Assortment: Air curtains, Air heaters
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Product descritipion

Optimal climate separation
The Biddle IndAC2 air curtain is the perfect solution for climate separation in industrial buildings. The IndAC2 air curtain can be used for climate separation between indoor and outdoor environments and for indoor climate separation.  This product can help to improve comfort levels, boost moral efficiency, whether it be in warehouse or high tech manufacturing plant.

Easy logistics
The IndAC2 keeps the entrance accessible with faster and safer logistics as a result.

Energy savings
Equipped with an automatic control option, the IndAC2 continuously chooses the correct settings. In combination with the stepless fans, this automatic control ensures that the air curtain always functions at the right speed, resulting in optimal separation efficiency and significant energy savings. 


High climate separation efficiency with the IndAC2 industrial air curtain

Optimal climate separation

The Biddle IndAC2 industrial air curtain, is the perfect solution for separating climates in industrial buildings. The IndAC air curtain can be used for climate separation between indoor and outdoor environments and for indoor climate separation. When a door is open, the difference between the inside and outside temperature leads to an exchange of air, resulting in cold air entering and warm, heated air, flowing out. When the IndAC air curtain is mounted above or next to an open door it provides a very efficient separation of two climates at the lowest energy consumption. The comfort of staff operating near the door is improved by heating the air curtain outlet stream thus preventing draught. A corridor might seem a relative cheap option but it makes logistic, such as traffic and stock movements, harder. A fast roller shutter door may need to be replaced every few years and requires regular maintenance. An air curtain enables fast and safe logistics and saves energy at the same time. Therefore the IndAC offers a high return on investment.

Easy logistics

By separating the outdoor climate from the indoor conditioned environment the IndAC makes it possible to keep the door
open whilst maintaining the indoor temperature and preventing energy loss. The air curtain will contribute to comfortable
working conditions because it prevents cold air entering the building. The IndAC keeps the entrance accessible for
transport with safer and faster logistics and easy traffic movements as a result.

Energy saving

With the automatic control option fitted, the IndAC continuously selects the correct settings. The automatic control in combination with stepless fans ensures that the settings are always set very precisely, which results in high separation
efficiency and energy savings. Once the air curtain is installed and commissioned the user does not have to worry about the
settings, as the output of the IndAC will adjust to meet the challenges of the environment.

Various heating sources

The IndAC air curtain is suitable for connection to water sources. Ambient models, without a heated air stream are also available for use in environments with a high ambient temperature and for other specific applications.

Application areas

The air curtain is specifically designed for use in factories, warehouses, logistics centres and production halls but can also be used in cold stores.

Thermographic proof

By viewing a thermograph image of a door way, the performance of an air curtain can be fully appreciated. Heat radiation, which is invisible to the human eye, is recorded using a special measuring screen and a high-resolution thermal camera. The camera makes the temperature of the airflow visible and shows that the IndAC air curtain perfectly separates indoor and outdoor climates. The upper image on the right shows cold air
entering over the floor when the air curtain is switched off. The other image shows that when the air curtain is switched on, the air curtain separates the climate perfectly.


A solution for every situation

The IndAC is available in a standard (ST) and a maximal
version (MX).The selection is based on the door heights.
IndAC ST: 3-6 m (10 - 20 ft)
IndAC MX: 5-8 m (16 - 26 ft)

IndAC ST: 150, 200 and 250 cm
(60”, 80" and 100”)
IndAC MX: 150 and 225 cm
(60” and 90”)

Coil types
Water heating (H1): high water temperatures, 1-row element
Water heating (H2): low water temperatures, 2-row element
Water heating (H1P): high water temperatures, high pressure*
Ambient (A): no heating coil
* on customer order, always with welded flanges

Control options
Automatic control with b-touch control panel and CHIPS Technology
Basic control with b-control (0-10V)
BMS: Modbus communication (automatic control)

Easy mounting with flexible suspension system
IndAC air curtains in combination with an automatic control can be installed directly above the door. IndAC with basic control can also be installed next to the door. With horizontal installation, the unit is suspended above the door by using four threaded rods (M12) and
the suspension brackets supplied. As a flat surface is essential with vertical installation, it is recommended to place the IndAC on a base plate. By using the supplied coupling plates and wall bracket it is easy to fix and secure the unit.


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