•  Compact heat recovery ventilator KCX Klimor
  •  Compact heat recovery ventilator KCX Klimor
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 Compact heat recovery ventilator KCX Klimor

KCX recuperation central is designed for ventilation with heat recovery. This product is designed for air comfort and energy savings. KCX properties are most effectively used in rooms with high heat output and at the same time good ventilation is required. Thanks to high-quality components and manufacturing technology, the control panel reduces operating costs throughout the building. Apart from energy saving, additional health benefits are also important. The heated air, thanks to the use of KCX control panel, is largely devoid of the presence of dust, fungus and mold.

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Symbol Klimor USA
Profile: Manufacturer
Headquarters: US
Certificates: CE (Conformité Européenne), EAC, ETL, PZH, TÜV
Establishment date: 1967
Business area: Global
Capital group: Klima-Therm
Employees: 300
Warranty: 2 years
Target: Looking for business partners across the US
Assortment: Air handling units
KCX 300
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KCX 500
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KCX 800
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Product descritipion

APPLICATION Family houses, offices, shops, restaurants, laundries, residential buildings and more. TYPOSER Capacity: 300 m3 / h ÷ 1.200 m3 / h Size: KCX 300, 500, 800, 1200 FUNCTIONS Ventilation, filtration, heating, cooling, heat recovery TYPE OF RECOVERY Counter-current cross-flow exchanger (efficiency up to 92%) DESTINY Internal execution suspended or suspended under the ceiling BUILDING Self-supporting galvanized sheet steel coated with 20mm insulation of rubber mat inspection cover attached to housing EQUIPMENT Sandwiched with automatic module with remote LCD panel with the option of extension of control function of automation module. Equipped with two air filters, two smooth-flow fans, countercurrent cross-flow exchanger and secondary electric heater (supply air heater). The KCX 300, 500, 800. The KCX 1200 does not have a built-in electric sounder (heater and control module available as additional options). Optionally, it is possible to extend the control function of the automation module. CERTIFICATES AND ATTITUDES CE, PZH, GOST


Symbol KCX 300 KCX 500 KCX 800
Nominal airflow [CFM at 0.4in. w.] 176 294 470
Heat exchangers CPR CPR CPR
Exchanger efficiency [%] >92 >91 >91
Supply and exhaust fan - Input power [W] 2x67 2x174 2x178
Supply and exhaust fan - Input current [A] 2x0.5 2x1.1 2x1.1
Sound power level - in room at airflow [db (A)] 44 43 45
Sound power level - in duct at airflow [db (A)] 57 60 57
Supply air filter MERV 13 MERV 13 MERV 13
Exhaust air filter MERV 6 MERV 6 MERV 6
Air inlet electrical heating coil [W] 1000 2000 3000


Symbol KCX 300 KCX 500 KCX 800
Height [in] 27 30 34
Length [in] 28 33 38
Depth [in] 18 22 26
Weight [lbs] 40 60 75


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