25 Jul 2017 | Aeroventic
AAON WH Series and V3 Series are Winner s in  ACHR News  2017 Dealer Design Awards

Tulsa , OK - (July 24 th , 2017) - AAON, Inc. (NASDAQ: AAON) was recognized for excell ence in product design in the 14 th annual Dealer Design Awards Program sponsored by The Air Conditioning Heating & Refrigeration News magazine. An independent panel of contractors acted as judges in the contest that had 81 entries. The company’s WH Series was the Gold Award Winner in the Light Commercial category and the company’s V3 Series was the Silver Award Winner in the Commercial Equipment category. The ACHR News is the leading trade magazine in the heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration industries.

News Publisher  Mike  Murphy  stated,  "These  aw ards  give  us  a  unique  opportunity  to  recognize  the outstanding  research  and  development  efforts  that  go  into  many  of  the  products  serving  the  HVACR industry  and  the  awards  issue  gives  our  readers  an  opportunity  to  read  about  innovative  installation  and ser vice solutions."

AAON  WH  Series  H orizontal Configuration Small Packaged Water -Source Heat Pumps  (1/2- 5  tons) incorporate state -of-the -art manufacturing processes with the latest HVAC design technical knowledge to create  a  water -source  heat  pump  with  innovative  design,  performance,  and  serviceability.  WH  Series water -source  heat  pumps  are  available  with  replacement  ready  size  to  match  conventional  water -source heat  pump  products.  Standard  efficiencies  of  the  WH  Series  significantly  exceed  ASHRAE  standards. WH  Series  units  consist  of  a  light- weight  all -aluminum  cabinet  construction  with  closed -cell  neoprene foam rubber insulation for a fiber -free airstream. WH Series units include induction brazed copper piping and  stainless  steel  drain  pans.  Energy  saving  f eatures  include  single  stage or  two -step  compressors, Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC) or high efficiency Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) direct drive supply  fan,  and  aluminum  microchannel  air  coil  with  a  large  face  area  for  improved  efficiency,  reduc ed air pressure drop, reduced fan horsepower, reduced refrigerant charge and reduced unit weight. Premium options  include  low  sound  package  to  reduce  fan  and  compressor  sound,  four -inch  high  efficiency filtration (up to MERV 14), hot gas reheat dehumidific ation, and energy saving factory installed waterside economizer  with  internal  piping.  WH  Series  units  come  with  the  peace- of-mind  of  a  standard  five -year parts warranty.

AAON  V3  Series  Energy  Recovery  Wheel Vertical  Air  Handling  Units  provide  energy  effic ient  100% outside  air  ventilation,  while  being  easy  to  install  because  of a  compact  footprint  and easy  to  maintain because  of large  service  access.  Available  from  450  to  10,000  cfm  with  overlapping  cabinet  sizes  for application  flexibility,  the  high  perfor mance  V3  Series  with  energy  recovery  wheel includes high efficiency variable speed ECM driven direct drive backward curved plenum supply and exhaust fans, and double  wall  rigid  polyurethane  foam  injected  panel  construction  with  lockable  hinged  service  acce ss doors.

“The recognition of the AAON WH Series and V3 Series in the 2017 Dealer Design Awards highlights the  great  work  of  our  employees  and  demonstrates  our  continuing  commitment  to  designing  and engineering innovative and high value HVAC equipment,” s aid Norm Asbjornson, CEO of AAON. Winning entries in the Dealer Design Awards are featured in the July 24 th , 2017 issue of The ACHR News , which  is  distributed  nationally  to  over  33,000  HVACR  contractors,  wholesalers,  and  other  industry professionals. For more information and further coverage, visit www.achrnews.com .

About AAON

AAON is engaged in the engineering, manufacturing, marketing a nd sale of air conditioning and heating equipment  consisting  of  standard,  semi -custom  and  custom  rooftop  units,  chillers,  packaged  outdoor mechanical  rooms,  air  handling  units,  condensing  units,  makeup  air  units,  energy  recovery  units, geothermal /water -source heat  pumps,  and  coils.  Since  the  founding  of  AAON  in  1988,  AAON  has maintained  a  commitment  to  design,  develop,  manufacture  and  deliver  heating  and  cooling  products  to perform  beyond  all  expectations  and  demonstrate  the  value  of  AAON  to  our  customers.  For  more information, please visit www.aaon.com .

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