30 Oct 2017 | Aeroventic

HOUSTON, October 31, 2017 – Daikin North America LLC has announced the launch of the new Daikin VRV AURORATM 230/460V Heat Recovery Systems (“VRV AURORA”). The new systems are engineered and optimized for cold climate and heating dominant applications.

The new VRV AURORA series demonstrates Daikin’s technological leadership by offering the first VRV air-cooled system that delivers efficient heating down to -22°F (-30°C). Engineered with Daikin’s patented vapor-injection compressor technology, the new VRV AURORA series offers 100% of nominal heating capacity at 0°F (-18°C), up to 85% of nominal capacity at -13°F (-25°C), and up to 60% capacity at -22°F (-30°C).

Main Features and Benefits

Available in 6, 8, 10-ton single modules and 12, 16, 20-ton multi-module systems.

First Air-Cooled VRV/VRF system to deliver heating down to -22°F (-30°C) as standard.

Daikin’s patented inverter-based vapor-injection compressor delivers high heating capacity of up to 100% at 0°F (-18°C), up to 85% at -13°F (-25°C), and up to 60% at -22°F (-30°C).

Refrigerant-cooled efficient and stable inverter board operation, independent of ambient conditions.

Hot gas base pan circuit allows installation without an additional condensing unit base pan heater.

Continuous heating during defrost and oil return. 1

Added peace of mind with Auto Changeover ability to back up (auxiliary) heat.

Year round comfort and energy efficiency delivered by combining VRV and VRT technologies.

Designed and optimized for Total Cost of Construction (TCC) and reduced Life Cycle Cost (LCC).

Long pipe lengths with up to 295 ft. 1 allowable height difference between outdoor and indoor units, allowing for design flexibility.  Corrosion resistant, 1000 hours salt spray tested Daikin PE Blue Fin Heat Exchanger.

Ships factory standard with coil guards.  Compatible with the full suite of Daikin controls.

Seamless connection to all VRV M, P and T series indoor units and T series branch selector boxes.

Standard 10-year limited warranty. 2

1Refer to engineering data for details.

2 Complete warranty details available from your local distributor or manufacturer’s representative or at www.daikinac.com

Daikin Launches New VRV AURORATM 230/460V Heat Recovery Systems - 1

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