12 Sep 2017 | Aeroventic
Efficiently heating water or cleaning solutions with the compact heat exchanger Kelvion ProEquip Tube H

The Kelvion ProEquip Tube H shell-and-tube heat exchanger is designed for the efficient heating of water, brine, or acid solutions, as they are applied in industrial CIP cleaning systems.

The compact, modular-configured unit is engineered for heating with steam, which raises the cleaning medium, or water, to the required temperature. This new stainless steel heat exchanger, available in four model sizes, is intended for operating pressures up to 16 barg, and for operating temperatures up to 200 °C. The maximum thermal output of these models ranges up to approx. 1050 kW, depending on heat exchanger size. The smallest model is designed for steam flow up to 600 kg/h and can heat between 4 and 20 metric tons of water per hour. The largest model is intended for up to 1800 kg/h of steam, and raises 18 to 60 tons of water per hour to the required temperature. Upon request, models are also available for greater flow rates and higher temperatures.

The Kelvion ProEquip Tube H consists of a shell, which contains a bundle of small tubes. Its design simplifies installation and assures highly efficient heat transfer throughout a small space. It is possible to disassemble the tube bundle quickly from inside the shell, which facilitates service. Both ends of the shell are fitted with double O-ring gaskets, which assures safe operation even under conditions of great pressure and temperature fluctuations. A special leakage opening enables detection of any leaks that may occur. As accessories, Kelvion offers matching counter flanges, as well as insulation.

What is aeroventic?
  • What is aeroventic?

    Aeroventic is an international solution dedicated to HVACR industry. It has been designed to create an opportunity for both producers and distributors to present their business value and products worldwide. One system allowing for global reach.

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What You Get with us?
What You Get with us?