27 Sep 2017 | Aeroventic
Low charge ammonia manufacturer Azane to deliver technical ammonia paper at RETA National Conference 2017

RETA’s conference brings thousands of industry experts and manufacturers under one roof. Azane Inc will be presenting a paper on low charge ammonia and exhibiting at booth #705.

Low charge ammonia refrigeration manufacturer, Azane Inc, will be educating refrigeration engineers and technicians on “Sustainable Changes towards Low Charge Ammonia” at The Refrigerating Engineers and Technicians Association’s annual national conference this week.  RETA’s conference will be hosted in Hershey, Pennsylvania from 26-29 September 2017.

Caleb Nelson, Vice President of Azane Inc will be presenting a paper on Thursday 28th September at 10.30 am EST to propose a sustainable approach to low charge in the US. The paper was written for RETA by Azane’s Caleb Nelson and Applications Engineer Mike Kallas, and will discuss the lessons learnt from other countries which have already made the switch to low charge ammonia refrigeration systems. The company will also be a part of the exhibition and invite guest to chat with Azane experts at booth #705.

Low charge ammonia is still collecting momentum in the US, but there is still a need for additional education and training to the industry to answer the who, what , where, when and why of low charge ammonia. Using a natural refrigerant is a welcome alternative to HCFCs refrigerants which are currently being phased out, and ammonia also offers efficiency and reliability with zero GWP (global warming potential).

Discussing the company’s attendance Mr Nelson said, “We will be attending the RETA conference to further educate the industry about low charge ammonia technology and provide additional training for refrigeration contractors and operators.”

“There are a number of reasons why low charge ammonia refrigeration is growing in interest, including environmental, legislative, economic and technological changes, and these will be discussed in our presentation along with the positive effect on life cycle costs.”

“Legislation is a key dynamic in the uptake of low charge ammonia refrigeration systems with R22 phaseouts, incumbent HFC restrictions and a strong drive for safer cooling systems. This new landscape has prompted technological advances which affect system efficiency, reliability, maintainability, and safety such as the use of enhanced aluminium evaporators, extremely low overfeed rates, and the use of aluminium evaporators paired with reverse-cycle defrosting systems, ultra efficient and effective defrosting as well as sustained overall system efficiency throughout the life of the system, reduce running cost and elimination of water consumption when air-cooled condensers are utilize.”

“Ammonia has been used for over 25 years in large and small industrial refrigeration systems around the world, and manufacturers like ourselves have seen a positive impact for end users in terms of reliability, efficiency and safety.”

Azane’s revolutionary cooling systems, the Azanechiller and Azanefreezer, are suitable for industrial and commercial applications and offer a sustainable, green solution for years to come.

Attendees of the RETA National Conference can expect a robust program of speakers, educational sessions and networking opportunities. In addition to training seminars there will be hands-on sessions covering engineering, manufacturing and compliance and a plethora of social activities. With the event attracting hundreds of industry professionals, refutable and solid US refrigeration business will be in attendance at the exhibition.

The RETA National Conference runs from 26-29 September at Hershey Lodge, Hershey, Pennsylvania. For more information about the event and to register to attend, visit the website: http://www.reta-events.com/Conference

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