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Samsung - Smart Whisper - Max Heat Series

Available Capacities (Btu/h) - 9,000/12,000 The Smart Whisper Max Heat is equipped with all of the features and benefits that the Smart Whisper carries, along with the ability to provide high heating capacity down to -13°F outside ambient temperatures. The integral base pan heater helps ensure that that water from defrost cycles drains properly. These added features allows the Smart Whisper Max Heat to perform in a myriad of applications, from warm to cold climates everywhere.


  • 10 years compressor & parts, 1 year limited labor warranty
  • Energy Star

Samsung - Smart Whisper - Max Heat Series - 1


Samsung - Smart Whisper - Max Heat Series - 2

Smart Home Compatibility For The Smart Whisper
By incorporating Wi-Fi capability in Samsung's new Smart Whisper system, you can now control and monitor your A/C through the Smart Home App from anywhere at any time. With this mobile app, not only can you connect your A/C, but most major Samsung home appliances as well. Here are some of the key features you can enjoy at a touch of a button: remote monitoring and control, filter notification reminders, error notifications, system ON/OFF scheduling, basic energy usage tracking , "My Wind“ save personalized functions such as mode, set temperature, fan speed, and louver swing. Control features, including: Quiet mode, Fast Turbo mode, Comfort mode, Single User mode, Good Sleep mode, and 2-Step Cooling mode. The new Smart Home Platform (SHP) now allows users to easily integrate their Smart Pearl system into Samsung Smart Things home automation hubs, allowing full control and automation of your home.


The Triangle
Ultimate Cooling Design. The Pearl and Whisper mini splits have been designed from the ground up to be outstandingly efficient. This unique triangular design has a wider inlet, allowing more air to be drawin in. The improved width and angle of its outlet, extra v-blades and a bigger fan also ensure air is cooled and delivered faster and farther than a conventional system. With either the Pearl or Whisper, fresh, cool air reaches every corner of the room, avoiding annoying blind spots.
Samsung - Smart Whisper - Max Heat Series - 3


Samsung - Smart Whisper - Max Heat Series - 4
Ultimate Heating Design
On a cold day you want to get warm fast. The Pearl and Whisper quickly distributes comforting warm air to every corner of your room. The unique triangular design has a wider intake to draw in more air, while the improved width of the outlet and a bigger fan heat and expel air faster and farther. In Fast Heating Mode, rooms reach the desired temperature faster than conventional models.


Digital Inverter
Works Smart. Saves Energy. The Pearl and Whisper feature a highly-energy efficient Digital Inverter system. The system can maintain the desired set temperature without frequently shutting off and on, which allows up to 70% less energy consumption. The Digital Inverter system helps you stay comfortable for long periods of time while using minimal energy. Low outdoor noise levels are also a benefit of the Digital Inverter system.
Samsung - Smart Whisper - Max Heat Series - 5


Samsung - Smart Whisper - Max Heat Series - 6
2-Step Cooling
Cools fast, then keeps you comfortable. The Pearl and Whisper begins cooling the air fast using the Fast Cool mode, then it automatically changes to Comfort Cool mode to maintain the desired temperature. With this feature you will not feel cold or need to manually change the settings, constantly turning the air conditioner on and off.


Single User Mode
Home alone? No worries. The Pearl and Whisper's Single User Mode uses less compressor capacity, reducing power consumption, while still providing a cool and comfortable environment. So go ahead and use it when you're home alone without worrying about the electricity bill.
Samsung - Smart Whisper - Max Heat Series - 7


Samsung - Smart Whisper - Max Heat Series - 8
Smart Installation
Install with confidence. Smart Installation is a self-diagnosis feature that ensures your Pearl or Whisper is installed properly by your a/c contractor. It automatically checks for installation faults that can cause problems when using the air conditioner, including miscommunication with the outdoor unit, any issues with the integrity of the air pipe and poor refrigerant flow.


Smart Wi-Fi
Control From Anywhere. Samsung's Smart Wi-Fi feature allows you to control your Pearl or Whisper system from virtually anywhere*. Now you can come home to a cool room by turning on your Pearl or Whisper before arriving. Forget to turn off your system because you left in a hurry? Nothing to worry about, simply turn it off with your smartphone. For added convenience, you can even use your smartphone or tablet as the remote control when you're at home. With Samsung's Smart WiFi feature, controlling your comfort was never easier or more convenient.
Samsung - Smart Whisper - Max Heat Series - 9
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