7 Nov 2017 | Aeroventic
Secure Stack® Pro Case Study–Emily Carr University of Art & Design, Vancouver, BC, Canada

“It’s a one-man job using Secure Stack Pro versus a two or even three-man field-welded job.”

It is a building that commands attention, even against the stunning backdrop of the North Shore Mountains of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada.

The new Emily Carr University of Art + Design is a brand new and colorful addition to the Great Northern Way Campus in Vancouver …

Location: Emily Carr University of Art & Design, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Engineer: Rocky Point Engineering
Mechanical Contractor: Pitt Meadows Plumbing & Mechanical Services
Security Chimney Representative: Bennett Lee from Raven Hydronics Supply
Product: Secure Stack Pro

It is a building that commands attention, even against the stunning backdrop of the North Shore Mountains of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. The new Emily Carr University of Art + Design is a brand new and colorful addition to the Great Northern  Way  Campus  in  Vancouver. With an exterior palette of 15 colors, two different types of  metal  cladding,  and  plenty  of  glass  to  invite in  outdoor  lighting,  the  nearly  290,000  sq. ft. building is vibrant and  modern in  appearance.  One would  scarcely  notice  the  five-story  columns  of  stainless-steel  exhaust  stack  that  run  up  the  north side of the building. If anything, the exhaust vent looks like an architectural embellishment. But make no mistake, each 61-foot column is there to serve a very important purpose.

Two  8-inch  and  one  10-inch  vertical  runs  of  Secure  Stack  Pro  Series  vent  piping  were  selected  to  provide  exhaust  service  for  three  new  Blaauw  gas-fired  kilns,  prized  additions  to  the  University’s  ceramics  department.  The  exterior  applied,  double  wall  Secure  Stack  Pro  Series  vent  is  made  of  304  stainless  steel,  with  refractory  alkaline-earth  silicate  fiber  (AES)  insulation.  An  additional  67  feet  of  304/Galvalume  double  wall  insulated  vent was selected for the horizontal runs of vent pipe inside the Ceramics Department’s kiln room. “The  kiln  manufacturer required  that  the  exhaust  vent  material  be  rated  for  temperatures  up  to  700°C  (1292°F),”  explained  Bennett  Lee  of  Raven  Hydronic Supply, the Security Chimney representative in British Columbia.

Frequently chosen for high temperature applications, Secure Stack Pro chimney exhaust vent is UL tested and listed in the United States and  Canada for use in applications with temperatures up to 1400°F (760°C) under continuous firing.
Raven Supply worked closely with the multi-tiered construction team on the Emily Carr project, which was a Public-Private Partnership (P3) project.  P3 projects are an increasingly utilized approach to procuring public infrastructure like educational institutions.  Within a P3 framework, the  private sector assumes a major share of the financial and construction  risks of a project, while leveraging its expertise to assure the best possible  outcome in terms of building performance.


Dealing with the Unexpected
According to Lee, P3 projects can sometimes be logistically challenging. Timing and coordination of construction teams can sometimes get slightly out of sync, which means that suppliers and service providers must be nimble enough to respond to unexpected situations.

The exterior installation of the exhaust vent at Emily Carr is a good example. In anticipation of the installation, the structural engineering team specified and installed three steel supports at 15 foot intervals to hold the vertical vent in place. The required supports were built with space for three separate rows of vent and other vertical piping material. Unfortunately, the supports did not leave enough space for the largest diameter vent pipe. 12 ¼ inches of space was needed for the double-wall 10-inch duct to pass through the support, but only 11 ½ inches of space was available.

Some quick thinking on the part of Raven Hydronic Supply helped keep the project on schedule despite this unexpected glitch. “Raven Hydronic Supply came up with the solution to use small sections of single wall vent at each of these points so it would fit through the existing supports,” explained Noel Robin, project manager for Northwest Sheet Metal, the sheet metal contractor for the Emily Carr project.

Robin instructed fabricators at Northwest Sheet Metal’s shop in Surrey, British Columbia, to make stainless steel sleeves to fit around the single wall vent. Workers were able to install, as approved by Secuirty Chimney engineers, the 2-piece half-circle sleeve sections and insulation around the single wall sections after all the exhaust vent was installed. In addition, Security Chimney custom fabricated several anchor plates to accommodate the existing structural steel supports.

Better than Field Welding
Even though this was the first time Northwest Sheet Metal had worked with Security Chimney factory-made vent, installations went smoothly and rapidly.  “It’s way better than field welding exhaust pipe, especially when you are trying to get a welder set up at those elevations. It’s a one-man job using Secure Stack Pro versus a two or even three-man field-welded job.” 

Robin was impressed with Secure Stack Pros unique self-centering design and coupling configuration that requires only one locking band and a standard, high-temperature silicon sealant for secure connection.

“The fabrication of each section is very precise, so when you  are putting two pieces together, the flanges align perfectly and are held together with a V-band that keeps everything secure and in place. There’s really no opportunity for error. Plus, the stainless-steel materials and the high temp sealant are topnotch,” added Robin.

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