17 Apr 2017 | Aeroventic
What are the key benefits of using an air curtain?

Eurovent and EVIA publish joint Guidance Document on Ecodesign requirements for ventilation units. Brussels, 12 April 2016. The Eurovent association and EVIA have published their joint Guidance Document on Ecodesign requirements for ventilation units. The document aims to provide answers to the many questions the market still has concerning EU Regulations 1253/2014 and 1254/2014, and following the release of the final draft FAQs by the European Commission on 21 December 2015. It provides for a more uniform and coherent implementation of these legislations across different sectors and product groups within the EU Common Market and in countries following EU legislation.

The correct use of an air curtain solution can lead to significant savings in terms of building energy usage, running costs, carbon footprint and environmental impact. It does so by reducing the amount of energy required to maintain a difference in temperature between two zones: either zones inside the building or between the building and the outside world.

The ability of an air curtain to create a non-obstructive stream of air preventing the ingress of particulates, dirt and dust across an open entry substantially improves the quality of the air within the building. This improves comfort and health, particularly in industrial areas and polluted city centres.

The flexibility available for combining air curtain solutions with a building’s existing heating and cooling system allows for a more complete control of overall building energy consumption.

In cold storage applications an air curtain supplying a transparent stream of air across the exit of an open door freezer has an obvious advantage over the alternative thick non-transparent plastic strips. The latter can lead to work place accidents as a result of limited visibility into and out of the space.

Air Curtains are most commonly used for commercial, industrial and refrigeration environments, although their use is not limited to these applications. The usage of this technology varies depending on application but on the whole the concept is similar throughout. The creation of a comfort controlled, non-obstructive barrier into a building by deliberately regulating four variables: air speed, air temperature, the direction of discharge and noise levels. Picture belowe shows the boundary between a heated space and an unheated space both with (left) and without (right) an air curtain.

What are the key benefits of using an air curtain? - 1Air flow across a boundary between a heated space (red) and an unheated space (blue) both with and without an Air Curtain (left and right, respectively)

 Source: Eurovent

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