• Nexus Series - Gas-Fired Unit Heater Sterling HVAC Products
  • Nexus Series - Gas-Fired Unit Heater Sterling HVAC Products
Nexus Series - Gas-Fired Unit Heater Sterling HVAC Products

Sterling HVAC introduces the leading-edge Nexus unit heater, featuring performance effciencies of 97% with a single-stage, two-stage or full modulation firing rate across 2 sizes using natural gas and LP gas for application flexibility.

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Symbol Sterling HVAC Products
Profile: Manufacturer
Headquarters: US
Certificates: AHRI
Capital group: Mestek Co
Establishment date: 1946
Business area: U. S.
Brands: Xcelon, Nexus
Warranty: 10 Years
Assortment: Heaters, Ducts, Air Systems, Rooftop AHU
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Product descritipion

Nexus® brings leading edge condensing heat exchanger technologyto Sterling HVAC’s successful unit heater product offering.

With tri-metal stainless steel heat exchanger technology, proprietary pre-mix burner design and fully modulating configurations Nexus provides industry leading efficiencies of up to 97%!

Available in 2 sizes (100 – 200 MBH), in both natural gas and LP gas, Nexus can be vented through PVC and CPVC for application flexibility. All units are also field convertible to separated combustion. Size 300 and 400 coming soon.


Nexus Series - Gas-Fired Unit Heater Sterling HVAC Products - 1State-of-the-Art Control Platform

• 2-Stage, Modulating with Room Sensing, and Outdoor / Indoor Reset Self Modulating Settings
• 2-10 VCD/4-20 mA Input for BMS Communication
• Modbus Standard
• LED Diagnostic Lights (External)
• Single Thermostat or Outdoor Sensor can Control Multiple Units







Application Flexibility

• NG / LP Single Orifice Field Conversion
• PVC / CPVC Vent Compatible
• Field Convertible to Separated Combustion
• Multiple Voltage Configurations
• OSHA Fan Guards
• Durable Brushed Stainless Steel Cabinet
• Condensate Float Switch and Trap Standard
• Optional Condensate Pump and Condensate Neutralizer


Nexus Series - Gas-Fired Unit Heater Sterling HVAC Products - 2Electronically Air/Fuel Coupled

• Proprietary Design for Optimal Efficiency
• Unique Premix Burner Technology
• 3:1 Full Modulation
• Maximum Efficiency through Precision Modulation
• SafeSense Blocked Inlet and Flue Sensing Technology
• Unit auto-adjusts for altitude requiring no field modifications
• Unit will maintain fuel air ratio with partial blockage without decreasing performance until safety trip





Nexus Series - Gas-Fired Unit Heater Sterling HVAC Products - 3Tri-Metal Hybrid Heat Exchanger

• Full Condensing Efficiencies at all Firing Rates
• 97%+ Maximum Efficiency
• 94%+ Efficiency at Full Input
• All Stainless Steel Tube for enhanced corrosion protection
• Brass and Aluminum fins for improved thermal heat transfer

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