Turnbull unit heaters Turnbull

The unit heaters are available with BTU. ranging from 20,000 – 3,000,000 BTU./ hr.
For maximum air projection units are available from 1,000 to 40,000 cfm.
Types of unit heaters
• Explosion Proof
• Horizontal Discharge
• Vertical Discharge
• High and low steam
• Super heated steam
• Hot water and Glycol
• Super heated water
• High pressure water
• Cooling

Turnbull Specialtiess Limited
Profile: Manufacturer, Designer
Headquarters: CA
Establishment date: 1960
Business area: Canada & US
Warranty: 3-6 years
Assortment: Heavy-duty industrial coils and unit heaters
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Product descritipion

All TURNBULL brand unit heaters are designed to give maximum performance and maximum life. Our robust unit heater design is able to withstand your most severe conditions. The units thrive in the most severe conditions such as freezing and extremely high steam pressures.

  • The confidence we have in our unit heater designs is backed with a 6 year guarantee, maximum operating pressure of 450psig. with a design temperature of 650°F.
  • All cores with a steel construction are built with our standard 1", SA-106, gr.B fin pipe, which is seamless, to assure maximum performance and durability.
  • All units are available with a steel core and our standard steel spiral wound fins. The options of extruded aluminum fins, stainless steel fins and/or stainless steel cores are available in any combination.
  • Our unique way of designing our unit heaters allows the customers to add on numerous types of nozzles such as: high velocity nozzles or side-discharge nozzles without modifications to an existing unit. All units are designed to be user-friendly.
  • Standard motors on all TURNBULL units are TEFC. industrial grade. The options of explosion proof, stainless, washdown and pneumatic drive motors are available.
  • All fan blades are of industrial grade quality. Units under 6000 Cfm come standard with a heavy-duty aluminum fan blade with a steel hub. Units exceeding 6000 Cfm come standard with an industrial grade steel or stainless fan blade.
  • Standard coating on all TURNBULL brand units is an epoxy type on the cabinet, core and fins order to assure maximum life and durability. To the best of our knowledge we are the only brand that produces units with a coating on the core and fins
  • All units have been designed for maximum performance and minimum maintenance. If a unit is installed with the correct piping and traps the unit should operate for many years with very minimal maintenance.

DELIVERY – We have taken into consideration what the market requires and we have stocked in our warehouses units ready for shipping within 48 hours if required. Standard delivery would be 2-3 weeks otherwise.

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