• Air handling units American VENTUS
  • Air handling units American VENTUS
Air handling units American VENTUS

American VENTUS AHUs offer ready-to-install convenience in a compact, lighter-weight air handling package, featuring an innovative frameless casing design, free of thermal bridges and air leakages. In addition, the unit’s Plenum fan features a highly efficient motor with VFD and ensures silent operation thanks to innovative airfoil blades with unique trailing edge shape.

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Product descritipion

Designed by experts VENTUS air handling units define the future of the industry. The heart of VENTUS air handling unit is a revolutionary plug fan with design inspired by aviation technology. Its airfoil aerodynamic blades optimized with advanced computer technology deliver excellent energy efficiency. Plug fans unique trailing edge shape contributes the silent operation with noise levels almost imperceptible in normal usage conditions. Lightweight precisely balanced fan directly driven by inverter controlled high efficiency electric motor eliminates the need of v-belt transmission used in traditional solutions significantly reduces maintenance costs and extends flawless operation time. VENTUS units casing share the design with racing cars. It's monocoque non-skeleton design concept is based on a sandwich structure panels integrating structural strength and excellent thermal insulation capabilities. unique patented joining system enables modularity and makes the casing water and air tight. seamless casing with integrated thermal insulation practically eliminates thermal bridges and substantially reduces condensation problems and energy loss. truly ingenious in its design ventus casing leads in all industry performance classes. technical perfection proven build quality and extensive product line-up all backed by worldwide technical support make VENTUS air handling units a profitable investment. 

Wide range of application:
Available in nine nominal capacities from 800 to 38,500 CFM.
Operation in different climate conditions (-40 °F to 150 °F).
Horizontal and vertical configurations.

Horizontal AVS product range

The American VENTUS Air Handling units have been designed to give the flexibility of a SemiCustom unit with our modular configuration. Our AVS line is available in 15 different sizes from 800 CFM to 38,000 CFM. As standard, all our AVS units have a 2,000 hour salt spray test resistance on the external coating. The units can be configured for different inlet and outlet locations for easy duct connection and right or left hand configuration. VTS Air Handlers can be shipped as a fully assembled unit or delivered by sections for easier handling and space restrictions on the building. In addition, VTS units are made with high durability 2 inch polyurethane sandwich panels which minimize vibration, noise and eliminates thermal bridges compared with typical blower coils and air handling units. This construction significantly reduces the emission of acoustic energy released through the casing; enabling the quiet operation of our AHUs.

Vertical AVS product range

Our vertical American VENTUS line is available in six nominal airflow sizes from 800 CFM up to 4,500 CFM, while the cooling capacities are available from 0.5 to 30 tons. They are floor mounted units that are mostly used in situations where a smaller AHU footprint is needed. Like their horizontal counterparts, they can be configured with different inlet and outlet locations to allow for more flexibility when ducting the units. The vertical AVS units can also be configured for right or left hand access for easier installation in the field. The vertical AVS line now features the same innovative 2 inch sandwich panels as the horizontal AVS units; this allows the vertical units to have the same durability, structural integrity, and thermal insulation that have come to be expected from VTS. In addition to the casing upgrade, vertical units are now capable of handling more rows of coils than before leading to higher heating and cooling capacities. The end result of this is that the chosen VTS unit performs the same regardless of size or configuration.

VENTUS AHUs bring about benefits
Ready to install – Plug&Play device:
Factory-mounted controls and end devices.
1 WEEK delivery time.

Simple to maintain:
Maintenance-free PLENUM fan.
Corrosion resistant and thermal-bridge free casing.
Corrosion resistant drain pan made of stainless steel.

Investment safety:
Optimal selection of the unit size according to building requirements.
The high quality construction of VENTUS units results from state of the art technology and following the strict international standards of quality.

Energy recovery rate up to 85%!
Energy recovery systems ideally suited to any climate conditions
Minimal airstreams exchange in the energy recovery blocks
Sensible and latent heat recovery realized on Energy Recovery Wheel

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