Water-cooled chiller and heat pump WWM Aermec

Water/Water chillers for indoor installation
Scroll compressors, plate heat exchangers
Cooling capacit 30.9 ton

compact module
reliable and modular
easy and quick to install
up to 32 connectable units
max 2 levels of stackable units

Profile: Manufacturer
Headquarters: IT
Employees: 650
Establishment date: 1960
Business area: US
Assortment: Splits, Chillers, Terminal units
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Product descritipion

Water-cooled chiller and heat pump WWM


WWM consist s o f independen t 30. 9 to n modules designed specifically to be fully accessible from only one side. The modules can be linked together side by side, back to back, and stacked to reach a capacity of 960 tons.

The WWM's industry leading modular design and minimal clearance requirements result in footprints similar than traditional screw and centrifugal
chillers making them ideal replacements of old, inaccessible machines.

The WWM is equipped with motorized hydronic valves and factory mounted differential flow switches for operation with variable flow and constant flow systems.

Each individual module is an independent indoor chiller for producing cooled water with highefficiency scroll compressors and plate type heat

The base, structure and paneling are load-bearing elements made of galvanized steel treated with polyester anti-corrosion paints, this allows the units
to be stacked two levels high.

With WWM, you can combine up to 32 units designed to minimize the overall dimensions. 

Thanks to its modular construction, the installation can be adapted to suit specific system development needs whilst guaranteeing improved safety and reliability. As a result, the cooling capacity can be easily increased over time, at a limited cost.

The modules are easy to install and link together hydraulically, via grooved pipe connections.

Optional Power Bar, facilitating single point or multiple point electrical connections.

The WWM units are completely enclosed and sound proofed which provide the quietest sound levels in the industry.

Each module is capable of being operated and controlled as an individual chiller.

Each module has its own electrical panel, and control logic, which that upon failure of a given module the remaining modules can continue to
operate. The controller is easily operated via a unit mounted LCD screen and multi -language menu. Each module manages and logs its own alarms.

WWM has butterfly shut-off valves on both hydraulic lines for disconnecting the circut when maintenance needs to be carried out.

The MULTICHILLER_EVO (option) can manage 8 modules in parallel or 16 units in a master/slave orientation. The multichiller controller coordinates
the operation of the modules to maximize efficiency and proper system operation. The usual panel is a 7" touch screen with numerous communications options.

WWM's chassis, containing all refrigeration components can be disconnected from the piping assembly for service, maintenance or replacement without impacting the operation of the remaining units.

WWM   500
Cooling capacity tons 30.9
Input power kW 23
FL Input / Capacity kW/ton 0.74
IPLV Input / Capacity kW/ton 0.53
Evaporator water flow gpm 74.1
Evaporator pressure drop p.s.i. 2.7
Condenser water flow gpm 96.2
Condenser pressure drop p.s.i. 4.1


Electrical data    
Power supply   208-3-60
Total input current A 107
LRA A 416
MCA A 130
MOP A 186
Recomm. Fuse A 175
Power supply   230-3-60
Total input current A 97
LRA A 404
MCA A 125
MOP A 181
Recomm. Fuse A 175
Power supply   460-3-60
Total input current A 47
LRA A 210
MCA A 61
MOP A 88
Recomm. Fuse A 80
Power supply   575-3-60
Total input current A 37
LRA A 156
MCA A 55
MOP A 79
Recomm. Fuse A 75


WWM   500
Type / nr.   Scroll / 2
Circuits   2
Capacity control % 50-100
Refrigerant   R410A
Evaporator heat exchanger   0
Type / nr.   Plate / 1
Manifold connections in 6"
Connection type   Victaulic
Condenser heat exchanger    
Type / nr.   Plate / 1
Manifold connections in 6"
Connection type   Victaulic

Dimensions and Weight

Water-cooled chiller and heat pump WWM Aermec - 1

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