Water cooled chillers Smardt

Smardt’s water cooled chiller range – 60 TR through 2500 TR - is designed for a 30-year operating life, with the lowest lifetime operating costs in the market.

Headquarters: US
Business area: Canada, US
Establishment date: 2005
Assortment: Water cooled, air cooled, evaporatively cooled chillers
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Water cooled chillers Smardt

Oil-free, flooded shell-and-tube evaporation, low power consumption, low maintenance costs (even lower with remote monitoring) and high reliability with only one main moving part.

Smardt works hard to achieve simplicity of design and operation – reflected in low operating costs and supported by the integration of the latest technologies in expansion valves and heat exchanger technology. Smardt controls enable stable and efficient operation at very low loads.

Field reliability since 2002’s introduction has been outstanding – not surprising when you consider that some 80% of all chiller problems in the field are due to failures in compressor oil return. And these Smardt chillers use no oil.

The growing fraternity of Turbocor-trained engineers and technicians suggests that total maintenance costs for oil-free chillers run at well under half the costs of traditional lubricated chillers. This assessment may be very conservative.


Always important in minimizing operating costs, service access is swift and simple, as is access to operating history through remote monitoring. Operating history, compressor and chiller set points are all accessible remotely by trained and authorized service personnel.

Integration through LON, BACnet or MODBUS with building management systems is standard, as is connectivity with most industry-standard protocols.

Custom design and production capacity

The group’s design engineers are happy to resolve special equipment design challenges for you, but please allow some extra time and, possibly, some extra cost for these.

High-efficiency direct expansion condensing units, heat recovery and free cooling applications can all be supplied competitively, as can special materials for use in aggressive environments.

Marine water boxes, corrosion protection and other options are available and can be explored on request.


Use of multiple compressors allows unusual redundancy safeguards; however, if multiple circuits are indicated, these can be designed in and supplied.

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