Dehumidifier Aquasorb AQ-30 DST

AQ-30 are unique with an air-cooled condenser for high capacities

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Symbol DST America
Profile: Manufacturer
Headquarters: US
Business area: Worldwide
Establishment date: 1985
Assortment: Dehumidifiers
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This Dehumidifier Aquasorb AQ-30 unit condensates out the water instead of having a wet airflow, which is important for some applications. For example, if the wet air is difficult to duct too outdoor or that all the heat put is collected into the unit in the dehumidified room. On water damage restoration application, it is also important as it makes it possible to install a lot of units during a short time when you have larger jobs. If there is no floor drain available, the units have a condensate pump which easy lead away excess water to a sink. Their chassis are in stainless steel, the process fan has a EC motor and is the same for both the dry air and the cooling air. The regen fan is a compact 12Vdc fan and has a maximum working pressure at 158⁰F and it is protected by a thermostat that is located between the fan and the heater. The heat exchanger (wet air/cooling air) is made of aluminium with silicone sealing which gives it a high maximum working temperature.

Dehumidifier Aquasorb AQ-30:

  • Condenses out the moisture
  • Stainless steel chassis
  • Washable rotor
  • Dry air outlet duct connection
  • Operates at dew points below 32°F
  • Pump for condensate water
Dehumidifier Aquasorb AQ-30 DST - 1Aquasorb basically functions as a Consorb but the wet air flow is condensed in an air-chilled condenser instead of being led out. Thanks to the common fan for dry air and cool air, all energy is accumulated in the dry air. Aquasorb has a high dry airflow, which improves the drying effect.

Section of a dehumidifier rotor from Seibu Giken. The high number of channels means that moisture is adsorbed with extra efficiency.

Dehumidifier Aquasorb AQ-30 technical data:

Dehumidifier model AQ-30
Nominal capacity (lbs/h) 1.4
Dry air flow (CFM) 218
External static pressure dry air [in w.g] 0.4
Heater current (A) 11
Maximum electric consumption (kW) 1.3
Supply fuse 115V / 60Hz (A) 16
Weight (lbs) 74


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