12 Feb 2018 | Aeroventic
Belimo at AHR Expo!


AHR Expo was a huge success this year bringing in over 65,000 industry professionals. Thank you for taking the time to stop by the Belimo booth and see first-hand the new product releases for 2018 along with some of our existing product demonstrations. If you were unable to make it take here is a quick review.

  • Sensors
    Seamlessly integrated sensors were showcased all around the booth; within the intelligent IoT actuators, Belimo Energy Valve piped with the resilient seat butterfly valve and connected to the actuator’s sensor inputs to monitor the temperature values within the Belimo Assistant app. The sensor display incorporates the LM actuator that would close the damper when the temperature reached the controller's The product range displayed at AHR included sensors for measuring temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2, VOC, and flow. Applications include duct, pipe, and outdoor mounting. Belimo sensors provide the highest quality and are backed by world-class service and support.
  • IoT Actuator
    New Belimo new IoT actuators offer system transparency with connectivity to the Belimo Cloud. A complete offering of fail-safe and non fail-safe, Internet of Things (IoT) damper and valve actuators with torque ranges from 45 to 360 in-lbs will be released the second quarter of 2018. At AHR Expo, the IoT actuators demonstration illustrated how they are designed to monitor conditions and system functionality continuously. Paired with seamlessly integrated sensors they can measure temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2, VOC, or flow throughout an entire building and store the data on the Belimo Cloud for future use or integration to advanced Building Management Systems. Stay up to date on the release, join our news release email notification.
  • PMB and PKB Damper Actuators
    Amazing displayed the new PMB and PKB damper actuator series are the most innovative, energy efficient and reliable solution for damper applications with medium to high velocity and pressure. The new series with its durable construction, low weight, high torque (1400 in-lbs), and NEMA 4X rating housing can handle tough, demanding environments. The actuator series is available with non fail-safe (PMB) or electronic fail-safe (PKB) actuation, universal power supply capability, two passive sensor inputs, and Near Field Communication (NFC) for easy programming, commissioning and troubleshooting. The actuator communicates directly with Building Automation System (BAS) with BACnet communication protocol and offers cloud connectivity to ensure optimal performance.

  • Fire and Smoke Damper Actuators
    Belimo is the world’s largest fire and smoke damper manufacturer, so it comes to no surprise that Belimo had on display a damper with the FSTF actuator. Belimo offers a comprehensive line of fire and smoke damper actuators with an extensive torque range that is specifically designed for operation with fire, smoke, and combination fire and smoke dampers in ventilation and air-conditioning systems. As an integral part of the life safety system, Belimo fire and smoke actuators provide high performance, low power consumption, and are compliant with Life Safety Codes and Standards.

  • ZIP Economizer™
    The ZIP Economizer continues to provide energy efficient indoor air quality and enables facility managers the ability to monitor building performance easily. The rooftop demonstration unit at AHR illustrated the ZIP Economizer’s advanced logic strategies and how it provides building owners the opportunity to recoup lost energy dollars. The ZIP Economizer is compliant with the most recent energy codes and standards (ASHRAE 90.1-2016, IECC-2015, California Title 24-2016, ASHRAE 189.1-2014).

  • Belimo Energy Valve™
    The Belimo Energy Valve is an Internet of Things (IoT), pressure independent valve utilizing advanced cloud-based analytics to provide the greatest savings and the most efficient operation. The Energy Valve demo illustrated how it measures and manages coil energy by using an embedded ultrasonic flow meter, along with supply and return water temperature sensors to solve low Delta T increasing building performance.

  • 6-way ePIV
    Another impressive demonstration was the new 6-way electronic pressure independent valve (ePIV) with Near Field Communication (NFC) and BACnet communication. The 6-way ePIV is the only one of its kind designed for chilled beams, radiant ceiling panels, and 4-pipe fan coil units providing true flow and dynamic balancing. It has the functionality of up to four 2-way control valves and two balancing valves thus saving material and installation time. The 6-way ePIV is available in ½” and ¾” NPT body sizes with two separate flow capacity adjustment up to 10.3 GPM (5.5 GPM for ½”). The valve is controlled by a single modulating actuator that enables both heating/cooling to be controlled pressure independently from a single analog control output eliminating the need to install multiple valves and wire multiple actuators; view how a 6-way valve works.

  • Pressure Independent Valves
    Belimo pressure independent control valves are the ideal complement to variable flow systems offering worry-free automatic balancing and efficiency. Variable systems have the potential to save facilities thousands of dollars in pumping energy, but all too often these savings disappear without proper flow control at the coil. With Belimo pressure independent control technology, only a single valve is required to maintain proper flow through each circuit/terminal unit. The complete pressure independent control valve offering includes ½” to ¾” PIQCV, ½” to 6” ePIV, and ½” to 6” Energy Valve. View online.
  • Globe Valve Assemblies
    Belimo will offer a full range of NPT pressure compensated globe valves on April 1.  The new G2 and G3 provides ANSI Class VI leakage and 100:1 rangeability for accurate modulation at low flow. The globe valve actuators incorporate Multi-Function Technology™ (MFT) to allow for easy and flexible field configuration (pulse width modulation, analog DC proportional control, floating point or on/off control). Join our enews for the official product announcement.
  • Butterfly Valve Offering
    Belimo made another new product announcement not only is the 1400 in-lbs P series actuator available for the resilient butterfly valves it will be available for the Grooved (VIC) and the Superior High Performance (SHP) butterfly valve series offering intelligence, energy savings, ease of installation, and reliable high flow. With a smartphone; easily program, commission, and troubleshoot. NFC and BACnet communication provide the data access you need to ease installation and ensure optimal system performance. Belimo offers the highest quality products that are backed by world-class service and support. Available with non fail-safe or fail-safe actuators.

  • Retrofit Solutions
    Belimo also announced the release of the PR and PKR actuators for replacement solutions for an extensive range of competitor valves requiring high flow. Taking a system off-line to replace components is not only laborious; it’s also expensive. With the new PR and PKR valve actuator systems can be quickly and conveniently fitted without any interruption in service offering quality and reliable system performance.

  • Tools, Apps, and Training
    Belimo continues to drive the market forward in a variety of software tools and applications to support HVAC personnel in sizing and selection, return on investments, replacement lookup, and associated training both online and onsite for Free.
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