26 Jun 2017 | Aeroventic
Danfoss Mobile CO₂ Training Unit's World Tour 2017

CO₂ has emerged as the preferred refrigerant in food retail applications, and, as a result, the need for accelerated training around the use of CO₂ has increased. Danfoss launched the Mobile CO₂ Training Unit in September of last year to provide a solution for this need. The initial trainings and presentations were a huge success, and the company is now ready to take this offering worldwide.

CO₂ is rapidly advancing in food retail refrigeration as traditional HFCs are phased out and retailers look for new ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Danfoss has the solutions for CO₂ refrigeration ready to help keep their customer ahead of the curve and the Mobile CO₂ Training Unit shows how it all comes together in practice.

"The technology for CO₂ is available today, although it continues to evolve," Jeff Staub, director of regional applications – Americas said. "Part of our mission with the Mobile CO₂ Training Unit is to provide retailers as well as contractors and service technicians with the necessary knowledge about CO₂ that will enable them to take advantage of the full potential of this natural refrigerant."

The Mobile CO₂ Training Unit was so well received during the initial launch event in Baltimore, Maryland that multiple customers immediately requested to have the unit deployed in additional locations across the country. Following the launch event, it made two more successful stops – one in Denmark and one at the EuroShop trade show in Düsseldorf. Now, Danfoss is ready to send the training unit on to ATMOsphere America in San Diego from 5-7 June, then to Source Refrigeration & HVAC Training Center in Anaheim, California from June 14-29, and then to DC Engineering in Meridian, Idaho from July 10-20. From there, it will continue its journey around the globe with trips to Asia and Southern Europe.

The CO₂ solutions presented in the Mobile Training Unit range from simple gas-bypass systems to more complex parallel compression solutions, with or without heat reclaim. Furthermore, training unit staff will introduce and demonstrate the company’s AHR Expo Innovation Award-winning Multi Ejector technology. Ejectors are one of the next important technology leaps in transcritical CO₂ refrigeration, with potential to enhance the energy efficiency of the systems by up to 20% on the hottest day of the year, solving a problem that previously limited the use of transcritical CO₂ systems to milder climates.

In addition to the face-to-face, hands-on training, Danfoss also provides free online CO₂ training through Learning.Danfoss.com. Three eLessons are currently available:

    CO₂ Module 1 - Introduction
    CO₂ Module 2 - System understanding
    CO₂ Phase change

Danfoss has pioneered CO₂ technologies for both transcritical and subcritical systems for over a decade, gaining valuable experience from thousands of installations across six continents. These installations have proven that CO₂ can be applied in supermarkets, enabling both environmentally friendly and energy saving systems in all types of stores. The information and experience provided in the mobile training unit unlocks these possibilities for companies around the world.

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