13 Jun 2018 | Aeroventic
DuraVent Grease Duct Products Solve Code and Space Issues, Ensure Safety in Historic District Renovation


DETROIT, Mich., June 13, 2018 – Reduce risks. Reduce installation time. Reduce project costs. These challenges led DuraVent, leaders in innovation of commercial and residential venting systems, to the development and expansion of its factory-built grease duct product line. The company’s latest design, its zero clearance grease duct, has become the industry’s choice for new and renovation restaurant construction. The UL 2221 Listed grease duct was recently selected for the renovation of Yorgos restaurants in Lancaster, Pa., the focus of a newlyreleased case study from DuraVent.

“The Yorgos renovation project was an exciting, and challenging, project for DuraVent and its business partners,” said Joe Dahlheimer, kitchen ventilation commercial sales manager for DuraVent. “Considering the consequences of a fire in a historic district, the installation of factory-built grease duct was certainly the right choice for the community and the restaurant owner.”

Featuring modular stainless-steel construction, DuraVent’s zero clearance grease duct is extremely durable, highly corrosion resistant, and installs in sections with no field welding required. Its round cylindrical design results in a superior flow, is easier to clean, and eliminates corners where grease typically accumulates and creates a fire threat.

In commercial kitchens, grease-laden vapors contact the walls of exhaust duct, leaving grease deposits which build up over time. These deposits are highly combustible and pose a severe fire hazard. If not liquid-tight, grease could migrate to the exterior of duct, and build up or drip.

“Historic districts, due to the construction materials and past practices, are at risk. A fire event means potential danger to the adjacent structures and the possible loss of a community’s history and related tourism revenue. Factory-built grease duct reduces the probability of a fire and its consequences,” added Dahlheimer. “Additional risk is reduced by requiring water testing for leaks of site-built duct work. Water testing simulates the real-world application and ensures installation shortcuts and quality issues don’t put kitchen owners at risk or add costs.”

Available at duraventgreaseduct.com, the Yorgos case study highlights the benefits of factorybuilt, UL Listed grease duct and is a perfect example of how design build teams, owners/developers, and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) can come together to resolve problems that might otherwise bring construction projects to a screeching halt.

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