12 Jul 2018 | Aeroventic
Emerson Introduces Ultrasonic Wire Splicer to Improve Output, Repeatability, and Quality of Wire Harnesses


Emerson’s new Branson UWS40 ultrasonic wire splicer bonds copper wires of up to 40 sq. mm and can deliver splice quality data to manufacturing networks. The jaws of its compact, lightweight actuator incorporate patented anti-side splice technology to keep wires vertically aligned during splicing, as well as a real-time LED indicator that the current splice meets parameters for quality.

Compact Design of the Branson UWS40 Combines with Advanced Controls and Ergonomic Flexibility to Maximize Output

DANBURY, CONN. Emerson has introduced the Branson UWS40 ultrasonic splicer to meet growing global demand for wire harnesses that deliver splices offering superior electrical and metallurgical performance over crimped, soldered, or resistance-welded connections. The new UWS40 delivers these benefits along with added process savings because ultrasonic welding eliminates the need for consumables (no connectors, solder, or filler metals are required), offers extended tool life, and provides significant power savings. It is ideal for rapid, repeatable production of wire harnesses for automobile, agricultural, appliance, recreation, heavy transport equipment, and other industry segments.

The Branson UWS40 splicer is designed for maximum productivity, whether deployed as a portable unit on a wire harness assembly board or on a tabletop. The new splicer bonds copper wires of up to 40 sq. mm in either in-line or pigtail configurations, and can be used for wire solidification of stranded copper wires.

The Branson UWS40 consists of three major components—a compact actuator, a controller/power supply, and a 22-inch capacitive touchscreen interface for navigating the user-friendly HMI. The large touchscreen and intuitive HMI enable operators to easily program and select among various welding modes, to develop and save splice, sequence and harness recipes for easy recall, or to develop and configure custom quality-monitoring solutions. Recipes can be recalled using an optional bar-code scanner for quick and easy changes. The UWS40 calibrates automatically upon startup and remains in standby mode when not in active use. Patented anti-side splice technology supports maximum production by assuring that wires maintain proper vertical stacking and orientation throughout the splicing process.

The Branson UWS40 actuator and controller monitor and record data for each weld in real time. The UWS40 controller also conducts statistical analysis to track weld performance trends. To share this data, the UWS40 offers connectivity to information networks and interfaces with Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). It can also interface with downstream production equipment, such as shrink-tubing systems.

In addition, the UWS40 controller monitors all critical splice parameters, such as time, power, pre-height, and final height for each splice, and indicates in real time that the current splice has met all parameters. These indications appear on the HMI or visually through color-coded LED status indicators for quick, easy operator reference. The UWS40 actuator is also equipped with an in-line cutting module that automatically disables suspect wire combinations to prevent them from entering the downstream manufacturing flow.

“With more than 40 years of experience in the field of metal welding, Emerson continuously innovates to provide sound solutions that meet the demand in advanced industrial assembly. The new Branson UWS40 ultrasonic wire splicer meets industry requirements in quality, performance, and productivity,” said Andrew Xu, global product manager of Branson metal welding at Emerson.

Emerson’s new Branson UWS40 ultrasonic wire splicer will begin shipping in the third quarter of 2018.

For more information on the Branson UWS40, visit www.Emerson.com/Branson

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