10 Sep 2018 | Aeroventic
Heatcraft Launches the intelliGen™ Refrigeration Controller


Factory-installed solution delivers improved product integrity, energy savings and faster system setup

Stone Mountain, GA, United States - Heatcraft Refrigeration Products, a leading provider of commercial refrigeration equipment, refrigeration controls and service solutions, introduces the intelliGen™ Refrigeration Controller, the newest addition to the Heatcraft controls portfolio. intelliGen is a factory-mounted electronic controller that delivers reliable operation and improved system efficiency. The controller helps reduce product spoilage by maintaining better temperature control and provides energy savings through optimizing defrosts.

intelliGen incorporates intuitive design, simple installation and smart servicing. Heatcraft developed a user interface that allows the operator to immediately know when and where there is a problem in their refrigeration system. The intuitive interface quickly guides refrigeration technicians through system configuration in minutes, not hours. Features, such as full text display and bright light bar with alerts, help reduce diagnosis, servicing and downtime. An optional field-installable intelliGen Webserver Card (iWC) enables local and remote monitoring on any smart phone, tablet or laptop.

“intelliGen delivers tremendous benefits to the refrigeration contractor and end-user. For the end-user, the remote access will immediately allow them to know if their product is at risk. intelliGen gives end-users peace of mind that their product is being kept cold and helps them focus on what is important, which is serving their customers,” stated Shashwat Nath, Heatcraft Controls Product Manager. “intelliGen is the easiest electronic control in the market. With the intelliGen intuitive user interface, the contractor can start up a refrigeration system in less than two minutes versus up to two hours to install a conventional mechanical control.”

Heatcraft developed intelliGen to give end-users more effective control of their product integrity. intelliGen reduces temperature fluctuations and lets them know when their product is at risk. With remote monitoring, contractors and end-users receive instant notifications via text, email, Building Management System (BMS) or web. Additionally, the controller detects when the refrigeration system needs to defrost, which automates the cycles and saves energy. Customers can realize a payback in less than one year.

“Our vision was to develop an electronic controls solution that would revolutionize the refrigeration industry. We listened to our customers’ needs and developed a product with easy-to-use features that enhance the user experience,” noted Sophia Bellos, Heatcraft Director of Product Management and Marketing. “The intuitiveness of this product will allow for a faster transition to electronic controls, which provides significant value and energy savings to our customers. The launch of the intelliGen Refrigeration Controller is a part of our strategy to continue to deliver value-added products and services to our customers.”

The intelliGen Refrigeration Controller is an easy-to-install and service electronic control solution from the commercial refrigeration industry leader, Heatcraft Refrigeration Products. For availability and ordering information, contact your Heatcraft Sales Representative or visit intelliGencontrols.com.

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