19 Jul 2017 | Aeroventic

A recent study from Harvard found the key to feeling, working, and sleeping better depends on the design, maintenance, and operation of the buildings in which people spend most of their time.

At Daikin, we design HVAC equipment and solutions that support a healthier environment for building tenants. More than ever, occupant health and comfort is a top priority for today’s commercial building owners. While improving building efficiencies and reducing costs is often a key business metric, another important measure of business success is productivity and thriving tenants.

Our Magnitude chiller consistently receives high marks on all of the above priorities. The chiller’s oil-free design helps reduce system maintenance requirements and costs, because its magnetic bearing technology eliminates oil, mechanical seals, wear surfaces and gears for longer machine life, and increased component and system reliability. Magnitude also reduces energy use and is 40 percent more efficient than standard centrifugal chillers. The equipment is designed to reliably create the ultimate climate-controlled environment for offices, schools, and healthcare facilities to help the people who work, study, teach, heal, and recover inside, achieve their full potential.

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 In environments that demand a chiller to regularly operate over a wide capacity range – building managers are opting to install Magnitude’s dual compressor chillers to maximize savings with excellent performance at both high and low capacity, and to get the redundancy that only a dual compressor chiller can offer. Daikin’s customers have realized significant costs savings – in some cases, up to 35 percent – after operating a dual compressor Magnitude, as compared to installing two separate chillers.

A dual compressor also eliminates the need for additional piping and pumps, requires fewer valves and controls, accrues less in rigging costs and has reduced control wiring. The redundancy of having two of everything connected to the evaporator and condenser further enhances reliability.

For example, managers at the T.W. Patterson building in Fresno, California recently replaced a 10-year-old water-cooled centrifugal chiller with a 284-ton Magnitude chiller to cool the building’s unique L-shaped design and multiple stories that total 152,000 feet of office space.

The dual compressor of the oil-free Magnitude delivered considerably. In the first year after installation, the facilities team reported 25 percent energy savings. The savings actually peaked when the chiller ran its dual compressors in tandem because the chiller was operating so efficiently. Tenants also remarked on a noticeable difference in the new chiller’s quiet operation and significant improvement in indoor temperatures and overall building comfort.

Daikin’s Magnitude chiller doesn’t make building owners choose between HVAC technologies that help them meet their goals. With equipment, owners get the benefit of reduced costs and energy use, fewer maintenance demands and a unit that improves the health and comfort of occupants. No matter the facility footprint – hospital, K-12 school, college campus, or data center – there is an optimal Magnitude chiller for your commercial building.

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What is aeroventic?
  • What is aeroventic?

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What You Get with us?