13 Jul 2018 | Aeroventic
MAJOR INNOVATION FOR DATA CENTERS: Carnot Refrigeration is announcing the launch of the air-conditioning technology INROW


Carnot Refrigeration, North American pioneer in CO2 refrigeration technology, announces the launch of the first INROW air-conditioning technology using freecooling in the North-American market. This technology’s energy consumption is considerably inferior to other major cooling technologies available on the market and cools hot spots directly at the source.

Carnot Refrigeration never ceases to push the limits in order to reduce server rooms’ energy consumption. With high-density data towers – a new technology in the industry – came the issue of concentrated high-heat areas in server rooms. It brings the challenge of oversized air-conditioning equipment and maintaining a very low temperature throughout the servers room in order to manage hot areas.

 In addition to using the freecooling Raincycle process as a main refrigerant source, the INROW air-conditioning system developed by Carnot Refrigeration manages hot areas by being integrated directly between the server alleys. Fully modular, this technology cools server towers by “zone”, meaning it adjusts temperatures according to very precise heat sources. Carnot’s technology is all the more impressive that it can function with freecooling up to 90% of the time, reducing considerably energy consumption. 

Using CO2 as a main source of refrigerant, without water nor glycol between server towers, the INROW system is renowned for increasing both environmental performance and data protection in server rooms.


About Carnot Refrigeration

Following the ban of R-22, a synthetic gas commonly used in Canada, Carnot Refrigeration was contacted by the first Canadian telecommunication company to develop a technology that could replace 3000 air-conditioning devices in their servers room. Our technology has proven its worth in the 4 main telecommunication companies in Canada among others. Two years ago, Carnot has begun to work on developing the INROW air-conditioning technology and it is now available across North America.

Carnot Refrigeration was created by a mechanical engineer who challenged himself to develop an efficient and reliable alternative to cooling technologies using synthetic gas, all the while being eco-friendly. The various technologies that Carnot Refrigeration offers are now in function in multiples sites across North America.

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