26 Jun 2018 | Aeroventic
New Connected Gas Detector From Honeywell Listens For Gas Leaks, Helping Protect Against Deadly Toxic And Explosive Leaks In Industrial Operations


FORT MILL, S.C., Honeywell (NYSE: HON) today announced a new connected gas detector that listens for leaks ultrasonically, complementing fixed gas detectors to better protect workers and facilities against deadly toxic and explosive gas leaks.

Gas leaks in well-ventilated areas disperse rapidly and may not be detected by conventional fixed-point or open-path detectors, according to the United Kingdom's Health and Safety Executive. * Honeywell's new Searchzone Sonik™ uses advanced ultrasonic technology, including a sealed, piezoelectric sensor unaffected by weather conditions and background noise, to provide instantaneous and reliable leak detection of high-pressure gas leaks.


Ultrasonic gas detectors are typically located high above the areas they monitor, making siting and servicing the devices challenging. Searchzone Sonik includes an ultrasonic test tool to help choose the proper location for the sensor and an easy-to-use mobile app for streamlined installation, operation and service from the safety of ground level.


"Keeping personnel and assets safe is the No. 1 priority for industrial plant operators, and advanced gas detection is a critical part of the solution," said Carl Ritzberger, marketing director for fixed gas detection at Honeywell Industrial Safety. "Searchzone Sonik, combined with fixed-point and open-path gas detection, provides another level of protection in any environment, from harsh winter conditions to desert extremes.  It incorporates advanced algorithms to respond only to the unique ultrasonic signature created by a high-pressure leak, and its solid-state sensor is sealed from moisture and contaminants to ensure accuracy and reliability."


Honeywell's Searchzone Sonik is suitable for applications that require emergency shutdown and other automatic controls in the production, storage, processing and distribution sectors of the oil and gas industry. The gas detector is easy to install, commission and maintain through an app when paired with an intrinsically safe Android smart phone with Bluetooth connectivity.

"We've designed Searchzone Sonik to be easy to use and maintain. Every step from choosing the right location for the detector, setting it up, testing it and scheduling ongoing tests can be handled simply and remotely," Ritzberger said.  "You can even generate reports and testing certificates for compliance activities, reducing paperwork and administrative time."


Other features of Searchzone Sonik include:

  • A Safety Integrity Level (SIL) rating of 2.
  • Robust, solid-state sensor design for demanding environments, including pressure wash-downs.
  • Factory calibrated – no field calibration required.
  • Built-in test and diagnostics to maintain operation.
  • High-visibility indicator light shows device status at a glance.
  • Universal mount enables pole-, wall- or strut-mounting, and easy alignment with the area to be monitored.
  • Plug-and-play module replacement.

Honeywell's gas detectors are part of the company's broad portfolio of industrial safety products and solutions, which include head-to-toe protective gear including hard hats, boots, hearing protection, safety harnesses, respiratory and electrical safety equipment, turnout gear for first responders and protective eye-, hand- and footwear. For more information about Honeywell Industrial Safety, its products and services, visit our website at http://www.honeywellsafety.com.  


* Health and Safety Executive: Acoustic leak detection(http://www.hse.gov.uk/foi/internalops/hid_circs/technical_osd/tspc_tech_osd_05.htm)

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