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REHVA Summer Sales


Get up to 60% reduction on a selection of REHVA Guidebooks

REHVA Summer Sales are back: a selection of cutting edge technical publications written by REHVA experts are available at discounted prices on the REHVA e-Shop. For more information contact us at mailto:info@rehva.eu.

REHVA Summer Sales - 1 

GB 5 - 10 € - 50% discount
The Guidebook presents theory on the principles of chilled beam cooling ad illustrates its practical applications. Chilled beams are primarily used for cooling and ventilation in spaces, which appreciate good indoor environmental quality and individual spaces control. Active chilled beams are connected to the ventilation ductwork, high temperature cold water and, when desired, low temperature hot water system.

 REHVA Summer Sales - 2

GB 6 - 10 € - 50% discount
Indoor Climate and Productivity in Offices Guidebook shows how to quantify the effects of indoor environment on office work and also how to include these effects in the calculation of building costs. Such calculations have not been performed previously, because very little data has been available. The quantitative relationships presented in this Guidebook can be used to calculate the costs and benefits of running and operating the building.

 REHVA Summer Sales - 3

GB 10 - 10 € - 50% discount
CFD-calculations have been rapidly developed to a powerful tool for the analysis of air pollution distribution in various spaces. However, the user of CFD-calculation should be aware of the basic principles of calculations and specifically the boundary conditions. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) – in Ventilation Design models is written by highly qualified international experts representing research, consulting and design.

 REHVA Summer Sales - 4

GB 11 - 10 € - 50% discount
Air filtration Guidebook will help the designer and user to understand the background and criteria for air filtration, how to select air filters and avoid problems associated with hygienic and other conditions at operation of air filters. The selection of air filters is based on external conditions such as levels of existing pollutants, indoor air quality and energy efficiency requirements.

 REHVA Summer Sales - 5

GB 12- 10 € - 50% discount
Solar Shading Guidebook gives a solid background on the physics of solar radiation and its behaviour in window with solar shading systems. Major focus of the Guidebook is on the effect of solar shading in the use of energy for cooling, heating and lighting. The book gives also practical guidance for selection, installation and operation of solar shading as well as future trends in integration of HVAC-systems with solar control.

 REHVA Summer Sales - 6

GB 13- 10 € - 50% discount
School buildings represent a significant part of the building stock and also a noteworthy part of the total energy use. Indoor and Energy Efficiency in Schools Guidebook describes the optimal design and operation of schools with respect to low energy cost and performance of the students. It focuses particularly on energy efficient systems for a healthy indoor environment.

 REHVA Summer Sales - 7

GB 21- 20 € - 60% discount
The Active and Passive Beam Application Design Guide is the result of collaboration by worldwide experts to give system designers a current, authoritative guide on successfully applying active and passive beam technology. Active and Passive Beam Application Design Guide provide energy-efficient methods of cooling, heating, and ventilating indoor areas, especially spaces that require individual zone control and where internal moisture loads are moderate.


What is aeroventic?
  • What is aeroventic?

    Aeroventic is an international solution dedicated to HVACR industry. It has been designed to create an opportunity for both producers and distributors to present their business value and products worldwide. One system allowing for global reach.

  • Company profile

    Build your company value and present your competitive advantage.

    Share your catalogues, software selection programs and all business facts you consider important.

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    It is a great place to present all your products at once effortlessly.Each product is equipped with an option "Add to inquiry" for customer convenience. A customer sends an inquiry directly to you.

  • News & information channel

    Basically speaking, aeroventic is an equivalent of offline trade fair where you present your company and products, distribute catalogues, make contacts and develop your business.

What You Get with us?
What You Get with us?