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Strip Curtains, Freezer Curtains, Strip Doors, & PVC Curtains

Since 1988, Kingman Industries has been a leader in manufacturing the highest quality strip doors, strip curtains, dividers and related PVC covers and rolls. We give our customers top quality with short lead times at a competitive price. Our superior workplace solutions improve productivity; conserve energy; control temperature; stop contamination from dust, insects and pollutants; reduce noise; and increase employee safety & workplace confidence.

Our products are easy to install, durable for tough environments and can be recycled when they reach the end of their lifespan. Let us assist you in finding the ideal solution that will benefit your business for many years to come.

5 Reasons to Choose Kingman Industries
Our reputation as Canada’s most trusted manufacturer of environmental strip curtains comes from outstanding customer service, consideration, rapid delivery of custom orders, and a promise to deliver outstanding value for a fair price. Standing by our brand and values, Kingman Industries offers more than just a good quality product.

Here’s how we differ from our competitors:

25 years of experience

Since 1988 our company has built a trusted reputation as a quality manufacturer of all kinds of vinyl room separation products and strip curtains. We have always maintained the highest work ethic and customer service effort, two points that complement the quality of the end product that our customers receive.

Fast Order Shipping

Kingman Industries is focused on high customer service. When you need your curtains, covers, walls or roll stock, we understand that you need it immediately.

That’s why we offer a guarantee for 2 business day turnaround time for all strip curtain orders including 40 strips or less, from receipt of the order to having the order ready for pick-up. If a project requires extra time to complete we’ll let you know and explain the reason why. Even so, we ship most custom quotes within 2 business days.

Durability of Product

Our strip curtain solutions are meant to last in tough environments. Some of the customers we service require curtains that see heavy duty use every day, around the clock. It's important that their investment in these curtains or other environmental protection walls, bug barriers or covers for their equipment will protect their employees and facility without fail.

Our products are used in temperatures ranging from deep cold (under -60°F) environments up to 150°F. With that temperature range, it's important for our clients to know that their equipment won't fail when they need it the most.


Price is an issue to all of us. We value your business and we understand that you need to find a high quality solution that accommodates your needs and your budget.

Because we have experienced personnel with a deep pool of shared knowledge, the manufacturing team of Kingman Industries can create a custom curtain solution at an off-the-shelf price point. That's something our team takes pride in being able to offer, and that separates our company from the competition.

Customer Assistance

We don’t up-sell you to a more expensive item that you don’t need. Our business has been built on helping companies find the best, most cost effective solution for their needs, not on what they might need down the road.


Contact Kingman Industries

Contact 1-866-327-3852
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What You Get with us?
What You Get with us?