Industrial air curtains Kingman Industries

For some facilities, using an air barrier system for precision control between environments makes sense. Instead of separating two areas by means of a physical barrier, an air curtain pushes a stream of air downward, and this creates an invisible barrier of air pressure. People and equipment can move freely between the zones, and the only noticeable effect is a light gust of warm air.
We carry a wide variety of models including heated units that use gas, electricity, steam or hot water. All models that we carry comply with USDA regulations and are Canadian Standard Association certified.

Kingman Industries
Profile: Manufacturer
Headquarters: CA
Business area: Canada, North America
Establishment date: 1988
Assortment: Strip Curtains, Freezer Curtains, Strip Doors, PVC Curtains
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Industrial air curtains Kingman Industries

No Physical Curtain:
Curtains project warm air down, eliminating the need for closed doors, vinyl curtains or any other physical partition between the inside and outside.
Convenience: Offer the most ease of flow for people and cargo travelling through the opening.
Better Circulation: As warm air rises up, the air curtain draws it back down to the floor level. This improves air flow for the entire facility where up to 50% of heated air is trapped under the ceiling.
Maintains Internal Temperature: In both warm and cold weather, they can keep in heat and reduce the loss of conditioned air.
Blocks Insects & Dirt: The air stream acts like an invisible door to keep insects, smoke, dust, fumes and dirt outside.
Long Life: Air curtains are designed and engineered to comply with and exceed high safety code standards. As well, the materials and quality control give these units both high performance and an expected lengthy duration of service.
Superior Visibility: Since there are no physical parts in the barrier, visibility is 100%. This further increases the safety around heavy traffic door areas.

Benefits of Air Curtains:

Eliminates the need for closed doors
Helps circulate internal air & regulate temperature
Increases safety by providing total visibility
Keeps out dust, dirt & insects
Prevents conditioned air from exiting building
Eliminates ground fog inside coolers & freezers
No physical parts to touch people or equipment

Common Applications

Openings to commercial buildings
Climate controlled areas
Bakeries, food service & processing
Freezers & coolers
Restaurants & supermarkets
Shopping centers


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