Simultaneous heating & cooling heat recovery UCH Climacool

Use free heat to reduce energy consumption.
This system allows any module to be indexed for heating, cooling or heat recovery onDEMAND (based on application), regardless of its position
in the bank, providing optimum module/compressor staging and run time equalization.

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Symbol ClimaCool
Profile: Manufacturer
Headquarters: US
Certificates: AHRI
Employees: 50
Assortment: Chillers, Heaters, Heat pumps
UCH 015 SHC Heat recovery
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UCH 025 SHC Heat recovery
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UCH 030 SHC Heat recovery
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UCH 050 SHC Heat recovery
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UCH 075 SHC Heat recovery
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UCH 080 SHC Heat recovery
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Product descritipion

The heat recovery module provides hot water, as high as 140° F, utilizing R-410A refrigerant and 165° F, utilizing R-134a refrigerant and can reach combined efficiencies of up to 25 EER. Piping connection flexibility for hot, cold and source water loops allows same or opposite end configurations based on mechanical room requirements.

Both SHC (Simultaneous Heating and Cooling) systems are ideal for geothermal heating and
cooling central plants and are recipients of the
2012 AHR Expo Green Building Innovation Award.

Tonnages: 15, 25, 30, 50, 70, 85
Configurations: 15 - 1,000 tons per bank

The ClimaCool® SHC onDEMAND® modular chiller helps reduce energy consumption and the environmental impact of your heating and cooling equipment by harnessing energy that is already being produced but not used. In addition, it provides all of the functionality of a traditional boiler/chiller system while saving 75% of the average footprint and up to 40% when compared to typical simultaneous heat pump and heat recovery systems. The system allows connection flexibility for hot, cold and source water loops. Typical simultaneous banks limit configuration options to hot and cold water on opposite ends whereas the SHC is fully configurable to be same side or opposite side based on your mechanical room design. Each module has the ability to be utilized for heating or cooling onDEMAND to precisely match building loads and provide compressor run time equalization. The SHC onDEMAND® system eliminates the need to have separate equipment for heating and cooling while saving installation costs, reducing the physical footprint and overall operating costs. Innovative engineering simplifies the simultaneous heating and cooling process, taking multitasking to a whole new level.

LEED categories satisfied by the SHC system are:

Enhanced Commissioning and Measurement and Verification

CoolLogic Control System provides maximum flexibility with BAS interface via native BACnet, LonWorks, Modbus and N2 communications.

Enhanced Refrigerant Management

Micro charge of chlorine-free and non-ozone depleting refrigerant.

Optimized Energy Performance

Exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 minimum efficiency by 30% or more.

Sustainable Sites and Building Re-Use

Compact design shrinks mechanical room and building footprint and allows modules to fit through existing doors eliminating the need for demolition and reconstruction.

Thermal Comfort

Precise required heating and cooling ensures the highest comfort for building occupants.

Produce heating, cooling and hot water from a single unit


The 6 header design can be applied with cooling towers, geothermal (ground and lake) loops, or hybrid systems for true system flexibility. Cooling, heating and source piping configuration is available on same or opposite ends which allows for numerous piping layouts. Bank sizes range from 15 to 1,000 tons to ensure load demands are met efficiently.

onDEMAND Operation

Allows any module to be indexed for heating or cooling regardless of its position in the bank, providing optimum module/ compressor run time equalization.


6 header design simplifies installation, design and controls. Simultaneously, the SHC satisfies required heating and cooling demands without the use of inter -module/external header isolation valves, controls, associated logic, piping or wiring.

Dramatic Energy Savings

Eliminate the need for separate heating and cooling systems thus saving installation cost, overall operating cost, reducing physical footprint while potentially lowering system energy costs by more than 50% when compared to traditional boiler/chiller systems.


No more need for bulky chiller systems and large boiler room equipment. The SHC provides the functionality of both in a minimal footprint. Patent pending 6 header design eliminates the required space between and external to the modules. This creates the smallest system operating footprint when compared to a typical simultaneous system and allows for same end piping connections. Modular 6 pipe design allows access through standard 36” doorways and onto typical freight elevators.

Ultimate Efficiency

The CoolLogic Control System provides advanced algorithms for maintaining precise leaving chilled and hot water temperatures. Integral motorized valves allow for variable pumping on heating, cooling and source water loops. High efficiency design offers cooling efficiencies up to 25 EER and heating efficiencies up to 5 COP.

True Redundancy

Separate module electrical feeds provide true electrical redundancy. Integral motorized isolation valves and dual independent/ refrigerant circuits per module provide true mechanical redundancy. 

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