Smoke fan SVF-622 GMC AIR

Insulated casing class
smoke venting fan

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Symbol GMC AIR Hvac Equipment
Profile: Manufacturer
Headquarters: US
Business area: Global
Establishment date: 2004
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Smoke fan SVF-622 GMC AIR

  • Available in 5 sizes and 20 models.
  • SVF-622 range covers flow rates from 600 to 50,000 m³/hr either in forward-swept blade fan version, SVF-622: Mk.A for pressures up to 1,500 Pa or backward-swept blade version, SVF-622: Mk.R or pressures up to 2,600 Pa. SVF-622: Mk.R version fitted with a backward-swept blade fan is especially suitable and recommended for applications in professional kitchens or for the extraction of foul contaminated air (car parks, industry, etc.).
  • Smoke extraction units meeting legislative requirements for the extraction of smoke and hot gases in the event of fire in high rise buildings and public assembly buildings.
  • Range also designed for the extraction of contaminated air from industrial premises, professional kitchens and car parks, etc
  • The SVF-622 system is F400-120 approved by the CTICM and covered by the CE certificate for smoke and heat extractor fans in compliance with standard NF EN 12101-3.
  • The SVF-622 range can be installed indoors or outdoors.
  • Housing in 15/10 galvanized steel sheet free standing on 20 to 30/10 galvanized steel frame from reinforced by a central strut from model SVF-622: Mk.25 on.
  • Access panel fitted with a hinged door with handle for the motor compartment and wide removable panel for maintaining the fan
  • Ground fixings fit directly into the slots provided in the frame.
  • Intake and outlet by circular connections up to model SVF-622: Mk.12, square on the other models.
  • The motor support consists of a galvanized steel plate reinforced by raised edges fully extractable and sliding on rails for maintenance and adjustment. The design of the motor compartment enables the overall dimensions of the unit to be limited with the option of blocking off the side opposite the access face. The transmission tension is adjusted from the outside, outlet face side, by a system using a chassis sliding on rails.
  • SVF-622: Mk.A Fan with forward-facing blades and double inlet in galvanized steel, balanced statically and dynamically, fitted with an aluminium hub and coupled to the motor by belt(s)and pulley(s).
  • SVF-622: Mk.R Fan with backward-facing blades and double inlet in steel protected by epoxy paint, balanced statically and dynamically, fitted with an aluminium hub and coupled to the motor by belt(s) and pulley(s).
  • B3 motor, protection IP 55 class F overheating B:
    • 1 speed three-phase 230/400V or 400/690V (motors > 5.5 kW), 50 or 60 Hz, (2 and 4 poles).
    • 2 speed three-phase 400V, 50 Hz, Dahlander winding (2/4 and 4/8 P), independent windings (4/6 P).
    • Protective housing for the transmission on the fan compartment side, easily removable for belt replacement.
    • Variable drive pulley up to 5.5 kW.
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