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Born from the intuition and intellectual capacity of Giordano Riello, Aermec today is an operational production company as well as a brand of reference in Italy and Europe in air conditioning and climate control.

Aermec offers an extremely broad range of products, with more than 300 in its catalogue; this product range ensures quality and reliability which is widely acknowledged on the market for the air conditioning sector as well as for "split system" residential environments and fan coils - a product where the company is the leader on the Italian market with a 25% share of items sold - in addition to machines for all system sizes, boasting impressive versatility in terms of technical solutions. Research always focuses on higher efficiency and even better energy saving. The range of plant machinery is enhanced by models equipped with inverter technology compressors and now extends to air-water heat pumps and water-water geo-thermal pumps.

600 employees; 129,000 square metres of total factory area; 60 exclusive sales outlets in Italy; 56 exclusive distributors in Europe and the Mediterranean area; 7 distribution companies in France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Spain and United Kingdom and (managed directly or subsidiaries); 78 technical assistance service centres in Italy; turnover of more than 178 million Euro. These figures rank Aermec among the top companies promoting the quality of Italian work and technology world-wide.


Aermec was founded in the early 1960s with a project that was so ambitious for the times that it seemed to be a gamble: ensure well-being and comfort in all settings where people live and work.
This vocation is still the mission for Aermec's business activities: to make it effective, the company has always focused its activities on constant attention to research, innovation and quality in order to develop products and technical solutions which aim to ensure maximum satisfaction amongst air conditioning users. The competitive edge of Aermec is based on curiosity for what is new combined with the technological challenges posed by innovation.

For Aermec, doing business to generate profits also means emphasising the importance of retaining its Italian spirit and its strong bonds with the local territory. The culture of the company and the family of Giordano Riello recognize the decisive importance on this area and relies on professionalism and work determination - typical of the area where the company is based - in order to grow, consolidate and continue to compete with success. If the company grows and continues to generate wealth, this is meaningful if the territory and the people living there also grow along with the company. This is why, wherever possible, Aermec does not resort to delocalisation operations, relying on the background of skills and the network of opportunities that its local territory ensures.

Strong points

Team spirit: competitiveness is based on the strength of the group

The culture of Aermec is founded on team spirit, integration of skills and group work. The family of Giordano Riello has always been aware that the basis for consolidation and development of the company lies and must lie in the joint efforts of responsible people. Many of Aermec's actions are therefore intended to spread and improve team spirit, that helps ensure a precise and strong company identity.

People: the true capital of the company

There can be no company without people. Without the commitment, correctness, scrupulousness and professionalism of people, machines and technology would remain sterile. This is why Aermec rewards the innovative input, commitment and skills of its employees and collaborators in addition to formulating update courses and professional training courses for every level and task, since every member of staff is a resource that must be appropriately supported and valorised.

Research: designing the future

Aermec has always stood out for the avant-garde technological solutions of its products. This capacity for innovation is the outcome of constant attention on research and is based on careful and continual analysis of market demand, evolution and requirements. Through close collaboration relationships with renowned university professors in technical fields concerning air conditioning, Aermec workshops develop and design the equipment of the future, in many cases studied in partnership with international companies.

Production: more efficiency and flexibility

To improve its competitiveness in a sector experiencing continual expansion, Aermec has moved on two fronts: on the one hand, it has expanded its production capacity through major investments and, on the other, has reduced response times to market requirements by means of carefully planned flexibility in production processes and rationalisation of consignment timing.

Certifications: quality mission

Product quality is not only intrinsic but also and especially involves meeting the needs and legitimate expectations of clients. Materials, projects and production processes are all involved in attaining a given level of product quality. And it is in this broadest sense of the term that today one speaks of "quality system" and "quality warranty". The objective is to ensure the full satisfaction of the client requirements by supplying expected quality in all stages: pre-sales, sales, use and after-sales. From the outset of the idea, the product must be the result of careful analysis, that starts from the real needs and expectations of final consumers and the intermediaries involved (designers, installation and maintenance experts). Inside a manufacturing company, all functions, within their scope of competence, must act in harmony in order to develop the final product and all those services that fully satisfy the various categories involved: detailed technical documentation, competent and readily available pre- and post-sale support, rapid and efficient technical assistance.

ISO 9001 certification was gained in 1992; in November 2002, Aermec obtained Vision 2000 quality certification that certifies not only the product but also the process of development for both the product and the service.

As a further warranty of the correctness of the specifications given in its technical documentation, Aermec has been involved in the Eurovent certification programme for several years. Companies are involved in the programme on a voluntary basis; every year, a certain number of products is taken from company inventories and sent for tests by leading independent European laboratories that verify the exactness of the specifications indicated. The objective is to provide designers, technicians and even users with assurances in relation to the declared technical performances.

Training: preparing air conditioning professionals

The growth of a company goes hand in hand with that of its staff. It was for this reason, in the early 1970s, that Aermec launched a programme of update and training courses that today are held in a centre specifically set up inside the factory. Year after year, more than 15,000 designers and thermo-hydraulic installation technicians from all over Europe have participated and found opportunities for exchanging knowledge, updating their technical skills and growing professionally.

Technical assistance: maximum focus on the client

The well-being of Aermec clients is not only ensured by product quality but also by pre- and post-sale technical assistance. The network of agents and dealers in Italy and international distributors - due to excellent technical skills - is capable of providing the most suitable solution for every plant requirement. Every product is then followed up throughout its long life cycle by a capillary technical assistance organisation that ensures optimal operation over time.

Information: for a culture of climate

Aermec contributes to the growth of the air conditioning market by promoting the spread of technical-scientific themes of major current interest. This is a very complex activity, ranging from meetings between high level consultants and experts to courses for designers, installation and maintenance technicians and the publication of specialist texts that can also be consulted on the Internet site, which is a true landmark for all trade operators.

Aermec: an air conditioning philosophy

Aermec has always sustained precise values:
> respect for the environment through the use of new "ecological" refrigerant fluids and innovative plant solutions based on the use of water as a vector fluid
> control of noise pollution through products characterised by low noise emission levels
> attention to health by using special filters that trap even the smallest particles, which are thereby eliminated from the environment for better health
> energy savings by using integrated heating and conditioning systems that allow the use of fan coils only where and when they are needed

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